“Think big. Become better.” Concludes an ambitious Kick Off at VSN ready to launch its new strategy for 2019

After a five-day meeting at its headquarters in Barcelona, the 2019 Kick Off at VSN has finalized. In this event, all the employees of the company participated in order to set the foundations of its growth strategy for the next years and to coordinate the efforts of its international offices, under the motto “Think big. Become better”.

With this event, the main company objectives have been set: maintain the excellent levels of yearly growth up, continue expanding the company’s international presence, especially in markets such as North America. Also continue to develop new technologies that rival the latest industry trends and also adapt to the needs of each individual client. Lastly, to implement an ambitious marketing strategy. “2018 has been key in order for us to expand to large powerful markets such as APAC and North America. Likewise, in 2018 we have worked enormously in the consolidation of the brand in new markets and to publicize our projects and references.”, says Roberto Pascual, Global Sales Director of VSN. “At the Kick Off meetings, we were excited about what the future will bring in 2019, since growth prospects are very important and this year we will have the largest presence in events and markets in the history of VSN.” Regarding its main solutions, VSN Kick Off kept the focus on effectively managing media and automating workflows throughout the whole media lifecycle. Also, another crucial role is given to keep working hand in hand with our clients and partners in order to offer them the most flexible and scalable solutions that perfectly fit their needs. Among these solutions, VSNExplorer platform stands out, including its modules MAM, PAM, BPM and BI, and this time with the integration of Artificial Intelligence tools that allow for Automatic metadata detection and advanced cataloging functionalities. “Nowadays, content comes from multiple sources and must also be distributed to many devices such as On Demand Platforms like Netflix, HBO, WebTV… However, the issue is not only the content distribution, but also the Metadata or the different formats we use to reach multiple devices”, says Aaron Lopez, COO of VSN. “That’s why from VSN we adapted our solutions to help and solve these problems and challenges, orchestrating and automating the whole lifecycle of the content creation chain including the distribution and archiving of content in any environment.” For more information about VSN’s solutions, visit our corporate website or get in touch with one of our commercials through the email address sales@vsn-tv.com.