Agreement between VSN and FLUMOTION

The collaboration between VSN and FLUMOTION simplifies and automates live and VOD broadcasting for all connected devices

VSN and FLUMOTION will present at NAB 2012 a new solution to simplify and integrate linear TV with connected devices for live and on demand content. This new solution is aimed at broadcasters to help them increase and retain audience, monetize their content, analyze audience behavior and improve user experience. This enables them to avoid costly investments and duplicated processes.

This alliance combines the knowledge and experience of two companies that are well-known globally for the innovation and quality of their solutions. Both companies have collaborated recently on several projects that integrated the conventional workflow of TV channels with the content distribution to new multiscreen devices. This agreement also includes commercial aspects such as offering Flumotion’s Online Video and Radio Platform as OEM solution in regions like LATAM.

Time and cost-saving solution

The collaboration of VSN and Flumotion allows the broadcasters to overcome the current market challenges by using their robust, reliable and scalable solution that streamlines workflows and saves deployment time and costs. The solution enables broadcasters to reach all connected devices and focus on developing new online experiences and maximize content monetization through advertising, pay-per-use, subscriptions and in-stream ads for live audio. Thanks to the compatibility with multiple international CDNs, the combined service of VSN and Flumotion is very competitive in terms of price as well as secure and scalable in terms of storage and concurrent users. Furthermore, it integrates with the news production solutions VSNNEWS and MAM VSNARCHIVE.

Automatic content publishing in all connected devices

From the technical point of view, the solution is structured according to a perfect synchronization that automates and simplifies the workflow and management of live and VOD contents:

  • VSN’splay-out system receives the data from the traffic or scheduling department and manages it according to its Internet broadcasting rights.
  • According to the respectiverights, VSN manages the encoder of the live streams by either stopping the stream or switching to broadcasting exclusively online, according to the Internet broadcasting rights of the content.
  • Simultaneously, the recording system generates a file without ads for VOD and catch-up,  adds the metadata and synchronizes the content with the Online Video Platform of Flumotion.
  • VSN’s software sends the EPG to the Video Platform indicating which live contents with Internet broadcasting rights will be broadcasted next.
  • According to the information received from VSN, Flumotion’s Video Platform manages the different streaming technologies and format, geographic restrictions, content usage rights, content monetization policies, allowed domains and streaming technologies (HTML5 or Flash) to guarantee content integrity and multi-device compatibility for desktop, smartphones and Connected TVs.

During the NAB Show visitors are able to see a showcaseof the solution at the VSN booths (N708 and N408).

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