Álvaro Martínez: “We are showing the Middle East market what we are capable of”

VSN’s Sales Director for Middle East, Álvaro Martínez, has been managing VSN’s solutions in the region for almost five years already. During that time, he has gained an important know-how on what companies in the market are demanding and how to directly address their needs with VSN’s solutions.

vsn middle east

Álvaro Martínez, VSN’s Sales Director for ME

Q: What will 2015 bring for VSN?

A: The company is in a great moment, actually. 2014 has proven to be a very successful year, with many projects around the world and an important increase of 25% in our market share. We are growing and expanding in all the regions in which we are present, and our solutions are having a great acceptance among broadcast users. All that positive feedback is really inspiring and for 2015 we have new commercial, human resources and marketing strategies that will allow us to grow even more during this year. We never stop developing our solutions and expanding our products’ capabilities and I think that the market values that a lot.

Q: You have been for nearly five years already in the Middle East region. What can you tell us about VSN in that market?

This a very exciting and demanding market, with many interesting opportunities and projects that are of the most importance for VSN. Last year we developed projects for key clients, such as Roya TV in Jordan or Saudi Airlines in Saudi Arabia, and we are very optimistic for this new year. We have a very powerful MAM solution, VSNEXPLORER, that is specially indicated to solve the needs of the companies of this region and, as usual during this past years, we are participating at CABSAT with a bunch of new features that will enhance collaborative work and increase productivity. We are showing the Middle East market all that we are capable of.

Q: VSN is celebrating this year its 25th Anniversary in the broadcast market. What do you think about this?

I think the fact that VSN has been for so many years an important company in the broadcast sector is great news and something to feel proud of. We have been able to understand what the market needed at any moment and, more over, we have seen changes not as a menace, but as an opportunity to lead on. And I believe that is one of our great qualities. From End-to-End solutions that cover all the broadcast process (from ingest to playout and archiving) to precise solutions that cover specific needs, VSN has just everything that modern broadcaster, audiovisual companies and corporations need to manage their assets. And, after 25 years, we have the same enthusiasm and passion for our technology and for our clients. And that is something very valuable.

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