Recently, VSN has presented a new tool that offers any broadcaster -no matter its situation, requirements or budget- a unique application that allows for launching, managing or expanding a TV channel at an affordable price and that offers the best options for resource optimization and organization. This application is called VSNONE TV. Discover everything about it with our Webinar, where we show a complete demo of how its advanced features work!

TV simplified

With VSNONE TV, broadcasters can have under control every single aspect of the normal working processes of a TV station.

Advanced Graphics

VSNONE TV includes sophisticated graphic capabilities and a range of branding workflows, taking your broadcast to the next level!

Enhanced CiB features

Discover all about VSNONE TV’s on-board automation control, media storage and media DB, Fully integrated Multiviewer Ouputs, etc…


Our Expert answers!

Toni Vilalta, our experienced Product Manager, conducts the Webinar and shows all the features of VSNONE TV, answering questions at the end.

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