During the last decade we have seen an unstoppable technological change that has moved great quantities of information, services and workflows from traditional network and local computers, used at home or at work, to servers only accessible through the Internet. The Broadcast and Media & Entertainment has not been immune to this changes, and its workflows have suffered a true revolution that has taken media management to a level of efficiency never seen before, opening new interesting options, such as collaborative work among users in different locations in real time. Learn everything about the Cloud and media management with our newest White Paper!

What is the Cloud?

Everybody is talking about it, but… what is “the Cloud” exactly? How has it changed the industry? And what can it achieve?

Improved Workflows

The Cloud offers infinite benefits to improve internal workflows and skyrocket productivity and efficiency in the Broadcast and M&E.

Resource optimization

With the Cloud, the M&A has a wide range of configurations at hand to reduce costs, improve efficiency and skyrocket productivity.

Our Expert answers!

Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager, offers precious advice on the different type of Cloud configurations and how to benefit from them.

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Break your company’s limits and start improving its efficiency thanks to the Cloud technology

Get ready for the Cloud

Nowadays, only those companies who are able to implement an efficient Cloud structure into their daily workflows will find success. Discover how with a detailed guide, developed by true experts in the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment.

Develop true collaborative work

If you were wondering how to make the most of your company’s resources, this is the guide you were looking for. Learn how you can boost collaborative work and the main advantages you can obtain from it when deploying Cloud structures in your company.

Our Expert Answers

Our complete White Paper features an article written by our Product Manager, Toni Vilalta, on the new business models developed thanks to the Cloud, with special attention to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments.

We are very excited with the progress we have seen so far. The MAM has proved an invaluable addition to our infrastructure. We have been delivering promo, lineups and channel content [to our clients] over the last few months. The system is now delivering around 2000 video assets per month. We have also recently started with long form asset deliveries too. Thanks to VSN we expect that the uptake from our customer base is now set to grow exponentially over the short to medium term.

Marc Eckstein

Managing Director, MediaCloud

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