Barça TV Case Study

After 10 years of broadcasting operations, Barça TV decided to undertake a complete technological update of its equipment that involved migrating into a tapeless TV production system. Furthermore, the project had to help the channel to become quicker and more agile when managing its programming and content, which is completely dependent on F. C. Barcelona’s news and immediate match results.


  • Solution for Master Control Room automation
  • Traffic system for planning and scheduling TV’s programming
  • Centralisation of ingest and content creation

Thanks to VSN’s solutions, Barça TV programming schedules may now vary in a very short time frame depending on game scores and breaking news. Currently, the new software implemented allows to create two parallel programming schedules and decide in the last minute which one will finally be broadcasted.

Download Barça TV Case Study: MCR Automation


VSNMulticom system constitutes the heart of the whole channel’s equipment. It manages the Playout servers, makes requests to the MAM solution for media files that need to be broadcast and it also manages the database including all materials that can be aired.

14 Integration with VSNCREATV

Barça TV uses the broadcast management system VSNCrea TV to decide most of the programming planning. Here everything is planned and registered until the MCR operators import the rundown into the Automation software directly from VSNCrea TV.

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