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Last week we celebrated the premiere of the new VSN offices. Yes, we’ve moved but not too very far. We are still in Barcelona, but our headquarters are now in Sant Cugat del Vallés. we will share this modern space with other Aspire Software companies in a completely new installation. Discover in this article what our new offices look like and how we celebrated our first day at home with the entire team. 

We’ve moved to Sant Cugat

This move hasn’t been a one-day thing. The company valued several locations alongside other Aspire Software companies during the last year until we found the perfect candidate for the new VSN offices. We were looking for a new, modern and well-connected building in Barcelona. After a long search, we’ve found the right spot in Sant Cugat del Vallès: a space where other multinational corporations are located, fully equipped, close to the AP-7 highway and twenty minutes far from the Airport of El Prat. 

A modern space for VSN offices

It wasn’t easy to leave our previous home, where we worked for many years. However, we knew that the change was for the better. Now, our headquarters are a modern facility, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and we are sharing the roof with our colleagues from Aspire Software. Our professionals work in a spacious and bright workspace, where they can perform their daily tasks with total comfort; the new VSN offices are aligned with the company spirit; young, modern and innovative. 

Our first day in Sant Cugat

The new VSN offices deserved a premiere with all the flashes and lights of significant occasions. Therefore, the company invited all employees to the new headquarters and celebrated an internal event. Even those who work outside Barcelona were encouraged to come and join the party; What a better occasion to see each other! After the speeches from the bosses, all the team met together at the offices’ garden for a team building activity and to make a toast to our new home. 

New home, new partners, the same philosophy

Como ya hemos mencionado, en estas instalaciones nuestros trabajadores compartirán estas instalaciones con otras compañías de Aspire Software. Una nueva casa para todas estas empresas y un espacio común para seguir construyendo sinergias juntos y colaborando para seguir siendo referentes en nuestros respectivos sectores. Las nuevas oficinas de VSN no cambian la filosofía de una organización enfocada en otorgar el mejor servicio posible a nuestros clientes y las mejores soluciones de media. Os damos la bienvenida a nuestras oficinas y os animamos a visitarnos para realizar demos con nuestros profesionales y seguir descubriendo nuestros productos. 

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Creating a customizable dashboard in VSNExplorer https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/create-customizable-dashboard-vsnexplorer/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/create-customizable-dashboard-vsnexplorer/#respond Tue, 20 Sep 2022 08:00:38 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=70034

Discover in this video how to create your own customizable dashboard in VSNExplorer. Any user can create dashboards, including different media widgets, to take the most out of the capacities of VSN’s MAM System. Toni Vilalta, Director of Product Management, shows us how we can adapt the user interface to each media workflow inside an organization thanks to these customizable dashboards. In this new chapter of VSN Shortcuts, we will discover how to create and manage them, add any media widget, and customize your tools. 

What’s a customizable dashboard?

Okay, maybe you’re quoting Chief Wiggum and saying, “whoa, slow down, egghead, what’s a dashboard? Let’s step back to the beginning. Within VSNExplorer, the dashboard is where we combine the different media widgets and panels we use to work. Depending on each use case, we would like to receive information from the MAM System: search results, advanced searches, BI reports, etc. For example, we can create an asset management dashboard for media archiving workflows and another for media distribution. 

How to create a customizable dashboard?

Creating a new dashboard is very simple, as you can discover in the video. We need to click on “Dashboards” and select “Create new dashboard”. Once we give it a name, we can start adding media widgets. For example, we can add BI reports or search results with customizable metadata columns. As you can see, we can order them any way we like in the dashboard interface. In addition, the media widgets interact with other widgets inside the asset management dashboard. For example, if we choose the “Date Selector” widget, we can select date periods for the results given by the systems. 

Can I customize the media widgets? 

Yes, you can. You can create your own media widgets using Java code, but you’re not going to need them, as VSNExplorer includes many addable widgets. For example, we can add Business Intelligence reports to our customizable dashboards and measure our media performance. Another functional new element recently added in our Product Releases is the “Timeline” widget. Thanks to this, the asset management dashboard includes a timeline view for the assets. We just need to configure how we would like to group them and set other filter parameters. 

Discover the dashboard’s flexibility

Toni Vilalta shows us how easy it is to save a customizable dashboard inside VSNExplorer in the video, and we can even share it with different users inside our organization. Thanks to this, we can create additional dashboards for specific tasks inside our organization. For example, we can create an asset management dashboard for media archive professionals and another one with media widgets focused on media distribution for the users in charge of this operation. Easy, fast, and flexible. If you want to learn more about VSNExplorer, download our MAM System product information or contact us and book your demo with our professionals. 

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What we lived at IBC Show 2022 https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/from-ibc-show-2022/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/from-ibc-show-2022/#respond Tue, 13 Sep 2022 08:58:09 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=70000

We were looking forward to coming back to IBC Show 2022. After last year’s cancelation, when we felt like the fox watching the geese, the expectations were high for this media show in 2022. The good vibrations we felt at NAB 2022 were confirmed by the productive days at IBC Show 2022, which included many high-quality meetings. At the same time, we took the chance to take the pulse of the industry and understand the future of media events and the trends to come. We present you some of the key points in this article. 

More meetings and work at IBC Show 2022

For this 2022’s edition of one of the most relevant media shows in the world, VSN decided to take the advice that many of our partners and clients gave us in previous editions: The request for a more private and quiet space for meetings, product demos and to work. Therefore, we set our base camp at IBC Show 2022 in two meeting rooms in Hall 8. 

However, that wasn’t our only operations base at the media show in 2022. We also had a presence on the floor along with other companies of Aspire Software. Obviously, we wouldn’t allow leaving IBC Show 2022 without the presence of VSN’s logo. 

After picking up our visitor’s feedback, we can conclude that the experience of our new format was positive. Many thanked us and valued the opportunity to perform meetings outside the media show’s hustle and bustle. At the same time, the privacy of these rooms was another point for our format. All this without losing focus on the many visitors who came to our stand, thanks to the proximity between both locations. These two options allowed us to offer a complete experience to our visitors. 

IBC Show 2022’s starring star: The Cloud

As in other media shows in 2022, the arrival of Cloud technology in our industry was on everyone’s lips. We confirmed this point in many conversations with different visitors and professional forums like Devoncroft’s Executive Summit. However, at IBC Show 2022, cloud was not so much the protagonist as the adaptation that many industry companies, clients and media solutions providers, must carry out. A concept overflew over the rest: Technical Agility. 

Currently, product cycles abandoned the long lifecycle that used to have. Thanks to cloud technology, the installation of new functionalities and products is easier and more agile. Nowadays, clients are always looking to incorporate the latest technology, but the challenge now is where to drive this investment in a changing world. 

We find media solutions providers on the other side of the table. They used to compete for the latest technological disruptions and now they also have to compete with agility. They must be able to install and implement their products in short and quick terms and incorporate new updates constantly. VSN’s solutions were ready for this scenario years ago thanks to its adaptation to the cloud environment. 

Get ready for the impossible

On many chats at IBC Show 2022, professionals pointed out the importance of prevention plans to face any unexpected situation. With the “show must go on” premise, many Broadcast and Media companies want to ensure that their activity is not compromised by a major system failure, an internet blackout, or someone turning on the fire alarm. This last example was a real issue for the British Channel 4 and was mentioned during Devoncroft’s Executive Summit. 

The main conclusions of the industry experts were that we need to make sure that our provider counts with a trained and prepared support team ready for these emergencies. At the same time, we need to precisely define the process to face these situations and continuously perform test exercises. These pieces of advice weren’t a surprise for VSN, as we faced many challenges successfully thanks to one of the most valued support services in the industry. If you want to discover how they work, watch this interview. 

The future of the media show after 2022 

Obviously, we didn’t miss the show and we took a walk on IBC Show 2022 pavilions. During this edition, we realized that most industry companies were present. However, we also confirmed that many of them will reduce their presence on media shows after 2022. According to Devoncroft, 57% of companies are considering reducing their presence in tradeshows. Despite that, we found a remarkable public and exhibitors’ presence in Amsterdam. 

Another trend we lived before at NAB 2022 and was confirmed at IBC Show 2022 is the high quality of the meetings and work sessions. The curious visitor profile has decreased and maybe there is an open door for media shows after 2022: Offering a working environment for the industry and specialized professionals that want to close specific projects. 

Before we close this blog article, we wouldn’t like to miss the opportunity to talk about the problems that many of the visitors faced on their home return from Schiphol’s airport: long lines to access the airport, a minimum of two hours to pass the security check and access the boarding zone, and many flight cancelations. It surprised us that after many years in Amsterdam, the Dutch city wasn’t ready for the high number of IBC visitors that left the city in a few hours. However, we are definitely looking forward to IBC 2023.  

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Roberto Pascual reviews VSN’s news before IBC at Amsterdam https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/roberto-pascual-ibc-amsterdam/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/roberto-pascual-ibc-amsterdam/#respond Tue, 30 Aug 2022 09:08:19 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=69914

Just a few days before the start of IBC at Amsterdam, Roberto Pascual, Global Sales Director of VSN, reviews in this interview the company’s participation at the event (Hall 8, MS16 and MS17, Booth 8.B73). Roberto gives us his thoughts about the news and expectations of VSN for the event and a complete overview of the last year of activity. 

What can we expect from VSN in IBC at Amsterdam?

Roberto Pascual: We’ve been almost three years without having physical events. The last year IBC was close, but finally, it wasn’t possible $1000 loan today . Despite this, this year, we’ve been at several regional and local trade shows, and we returned to NAB 2022 in April. 

This event wasn’t the same as it was before the pandemic, mainly in terms of attendance. However, it was an interesting and very productive show. We had lower attendance, but the quality of the visitors was higher. Visitors came boosted by three years without physical meetings at a tradeshow with many questions and projects. We had many productive meetings and the quality was high, as we confirmed later during these months. We expect the same situation for IBC in Amsterdam. 

Where can we find VSN at IBC in Amsterdam? 

Roberto Pascual: This year, we will be at Hall 8, one of the biggest at the show, together with M&I, another company from Aspire Software in Booth 8.B73. In addition to this classical presence on the floor, we decided to innovate and answer a classical request of our clients for a more private space for meetings, away from the noise and activity of IBC in Amsterdam. 

The solution was to incorporate two VSN’s exclusive meeting rooms, MS16 and MS17, which are close and have easy access from the booth at Hall 8. We hope we can have these more private meetings here and discuss here the delicate issues or aspects of the projects. 

What are the new functionalities that VSN will present at IBC in Amsterdam? 

Roberto Pascual: As always, we will bring new functionalities. However, that doesn’t mean we stopped our activity during the last three years. We continued working on our systems with our Product Release every three months that we shared on our platforms like VSNPlay. Also, we performed many webinars and virtual events like VSN Spotlight, which will return on September 6th. For those who missed that news on our portfolio during the last few months, we will perform a summary at IBC in Amsterdam. 

If we talk about specific issues, we have news in VSNExplorer and VSNCrea, our core products. VSNExplorer incorporates the new Adobe panel, allowing our MAM System to integrate into the Adobe Premiere Pro interface. In addition, VSNExplorer will also present at IBC in Amsterdam its advances in the managing and blocking of specific segments of content within the assets. This aspect is essential in audiovisual rights management. 

On the other hand, VSNCrea presents two new functionalities. First, we’ve implemented in our BMS the metadata rules editor added to VSNExplorer. This update enhances the customization of the system for the users. Secondly, VSNCrea incorporates new monetization capacities through commercial insertions based on graphics and host mentions. 

September marks twelve months since VSN joined Valsoft, how was the activity during this year? 

Roberto Pascual: It was a very intense but productive and successful year. VSN was the first company in Valsoft’s Broadcast & Media vertical. Currently, the group has two more organizations in this sector. Previously, I mentioned one, M&I, a Dutch company that joined the group in May. It’s specialized in the Radio sector but also has news management solutions in its portfolio. The third one to join Valsoft was Woody Technologies in July. This is a French company focused on video ingest workflows. 

Therefore, anyone who visits us at IBC in Amsterdam will be able to discover more information about these companies, as we will perform different presentations and collaborations with them. At the same time, the attendees that will visit them will be able to know more about what we do at VSN. 

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VSN presents advances in monetization and rights management at IBC 2022 https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/ibc-2022/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/ibc-2022/#respond Wed, 10 Aug 2022 05:00:00 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=69796

VSN returns to IBC 2022. The company will showcase its range of remote and collaborative working solutions designed to facilitate the full management of media catalogs, from storage to planning to playout at IBC Show 2022 in Hall 8, Meeting Rooms MS16 and MS17. VSN will also be present on the floor at Booth 8.B73, alongside other companies that have been recently acquired by Aspire Software. On both stands, VSN will demonstrate the evolution of the VSNExplorer suite, with its improved copyright and permissions capabilities for content segments, together with its BMS, VSNCrea, and its extended monetization options.     

Rights management improvements for VSNExplorer at IBC 2022 

VSNExplorer MAM presents at IBC 2022 its enhanced copyright management abilities. Whilst search, pre-visualization and management of specific segments within individual assets have been available for some time, these new advances allow for the specific blocking of a segment within an asset – with the block adjusting the capacity for editing, distribution or publication based on associated permissions. This allows broadcasters to maintain much tighter and more efficient control of their rights management где оформить онлайн займ на карту . The flagging of copyright elements within content allows for automated updating of the full catalog as permissions change, thus providing a far more efficient, comprehensive and reliable way of protecting broadcasters from potential compliance issues.   

VSNCrea shows its advertising capacities at IBC Show 2022 

The second point of focus at IBC 2022 will be the improvements made in VSNCrea. Responding to the increasing need in the market, the content monetization and advertising management aspects of VSNCrea have now been significantly enhanced, with the new functionality for rate calculation of advertising elements from commercial graphic insertions or mentions of a brand by a host. The full process of rate calculation becomes automated, thus maximizing the ad revenue that a channel can achieve, whilst minimizing the effort associated with regulating it.   

In addition, VSNCrea presents at IBC Show 2022 its new options for advertising automation. When scheduling commercials in specific advertising spaces (defined by the user according to several criteria), the user can now repeat the insertion throughout the schedule, with a range of exclusion and inclusion rules available to ensure that advertising is not placed in a way that clashes – for instance, back-to-back advertising of two products in the same market sector.   

Discover the full range of VSN’s solutions at IBC 2022 

Users of VSNCrea are also granted more flexibility than ever in the way they use the software, through the integration of the metadata rules editor (initially introduced within VSNExplorer MAM for NAB 2022). With this, users can edit and manage metadata fields using simple programming language, thus fully customizing the way the BMS can be used according to an organization’s need or workflow. 

These additions all contribute to VSN’s ongoing mission to provide holistic, joined-up, end-to-end broadcast solutions, from catalog through exchange and delivery, incorporating a range of planning and production tools. Their cloud-based and SaaS options democratize access to industry-leading broadcast tools. 

Speaking of their upcoming attendance, Ricardo Q. Denise, Head of Marketing of VSN said: “We are excited about our return to IBC 2022, and hope to use the opportunity of our new meeting-based setup to develop closer working relationships with our clients, both existing and potential. We feel this better reflects our company ethos, which is about maximizing the customer-specific focus of our products through customization and providing ongoing technical support, whilst still developing a product that is broad in its capabilities, intuitive and easy to adopt without extensive training”.  

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