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Agent of change or adaptor to change?  Proactive or reactive? The business world tends to like rhetoric based around these binary labels. It’s the idea of leaders and laggards: market challengers innovate, market leaders perfect, market followers optimize, and market nichers refine. Everybody is given their specific title to summarize their business position, and everybody is happy as a result, right?

Well, no.

Whilst humans have a tendency towards simplification, the fact is, life tends to be more nuanced and complex than that. Many businesses – many good businesses – recognize the benefit of a hybrid approach.

But how does a company go about combining a market leading approach with one that can also take stock of a situation and adapt accordingly? Delivering vision and flexibility? Creating change whilst also being able to react to it?

The answer is: proactive reactivity. 

Proactive Reactivity: what is it?

A proactive approach in technology often means the development of an entirely novel capability; bringing technologies to the market that consumers and users had no idea they needed, but can’t live without once they’ve discovered.

Conversely, a reactive approach often means analysing how the market is currently using products – often by directly consulting with them and asking about their needs – and then adapting existing capabilities accordingly. 

Therefore, ‘proactive reactivity’ combines these two elements. It isn’t just about engineering, or even re-engineering, but often about rethinking at the business and strategy level. It isn’t always about making new things, it can be about looking at or using things in new ways. 

It still involves anticipating and staying ahead of customer needs (the proactive part), but through a process of analyzing their future needs, the market conditions and the untapped potential latent in existing products, rather than engaging in revolutionary (and often blind) transformation for the sake of it.

Practiced correctly, it’s a much more subtle approach that has the potential to bring much greater, more considered benefit to the customer, with much less risk and investment on the part of the company. It’s a case of working smart with the tools you have – adopting an analytical innovation mindset, rather than one based on unfettered creativity and bravado.

Applying a ‘Proactive Reactivity’ in Media Asset Management

We’re probably all tired of hearing about ‘the unprecedented events’ of the last two years, but there can be no denying that they’ve created a paradigm change in the way things are done – not just within the broadcast industry, but across a range of businesses. And for those that practice proactive reactivity this provides a real source of opportunity.

In the field of Media Asset Management, there are three key changes occurring that are worthy of some investigation.

Firstly, some companies are in-housing their media production, even if they had no media-based skills previously. This means that they suddenly have a huge number of assets – both pre-production clips and finished post-production outputs – and need a place to store, catalog, sort and access their material in a way that goes beyond the basics of traditional file management (which quickly becomes unwieldy and convoluted) –allowing for effective and automated categorization to maximise efficiency.

Secondly, some companies are outsourcing their communications media to external production companies, meaning that those production companies need a way to ingest, standardize and manage initial materials from many clients, as well as a way to allow easy-but-secure third party client access to finished products.

Thirdly, with a general trend of upwards media consumption, content producers who once handed over their assets to content aggregators (and thus handed over a huge proportion of their value) are now seeing that they can keep all of that value internally by providing a dedicated distribution platform. This means that they need a way to apply complex metadata to their assets in order to facilitate subscriptions, distribution rights, customer personalisation, search optimisation, as well as to incorporate marketing and advertising activities and gain greater insight and feedback from usage metrics.

With these cross-industry changes occurring, how can proactive reactivity be implemented to meet the (both conscious and not-yet-recognised) needs of these markets? It’s this question that VSN have been aiming to address.

Proactive Reactivity in practice 

Whilst VSN are no stranger to revolutionary innovation (take for instance the integration of AI tools for metadata detection), a huge part of using a ‘proactive reactivity’ mindset involves working to widen the usability and potential of the core of the existing product range. It’s a process of continuous development – working to both refine and expand, tinkering, tweaking and looking at the product from a number of different angles, making things both more simple whilst extending their potential with every iteration. 

It’s this kind of thinking which has led to the seamless integration of VSN’s full suite of products to create a joined-up, end-to-end media management system, from asset storage to scheduling to the management of advertising. And it’s this kind of thinking too that has resulted in VSN’s ongoing development of APIs in order to create seamless integration with customer workflows. It’s a process of ongoing evolution.

But where VSN has most heavily applied its proactive reactivity is in contemplating the three points above relating to changes in who is using media, and how. There is suddenly a significant extension to the markets that can benefit from effective, intuitive and efficient media asset management. As such, VSN’s current goal is to ‘democratize’ its very powerful MAM tool, making it accessible and usable to as many people as possible – even those outside of the traditional broadcast market.

This doesn’t mean taking a one-size-all approach – it’s not an attempt to squish users into the traditional broadcast user box, but instead squeeze the benefit of the product so that its benefits flow over into other fields. And as with all forms of proactive reactivity, it requires key underpinning skills; the ability to truly listen to the needs of clients, analytical strength, creative thinking, exceptional technological know-how, and a deep understanding of business strategy. 

The net result has been an uptake of the VSNExplorer MAM by a whole host of ‘non standard’ users; production and post-production companies, commercial entities with huge internal media resources, marketing firms, state and governmental organisations, social media platforms, content hubs and distributors, VoD providers – essentially anyone who wants to take a large and unwieldy media library and create order and efficiency in order to leverage maximum value from the assets within.

Go your own way

In English there’s an expression: there’s more than one way to skin a cat (though perhaps ‘there’s more than one way to peel an apple’ is a little less graphic). Every business will have their own strategy for remaining competitive in the market. For VSN, an approach of proactive reactivity has been key to the ability to develop products that are responsive to existing consumer needs.

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VSN certificates its information security management system with ISO 27001:2013 https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/vsn-iso-270012013-certification/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/vsn-iso-270012013-certification/#respond Tue, 14 Sep 2021 09:37:04 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=64947

This recognition proves VSN’s compromise with information security management and ensures that all of the company’s processes comply with the highest standards. This certification joins ISO 9001:2015, which was renewed by the organization in 2019.

VSN has obtained the ISO 27001:2013 from the International Organization for Standardization. This standard recognizes that the company complies with the specifications for the design, implementation, performance and improvement of a strict information security management system. This procedure establishes protocols and processes to avoid risks that must be deployed at all levels of the organization.

“At VSN we are aware of how important information security management is nowadays in the software industry. We know that all our products, solutions and teams must follow all the protocols to avoid any risk for our customers”, said Aaron López, COO of VSN. “This certification is the proof of the daily efforts of our employees and the compromise of the company to guarantee that we meet the highest standards in information security.

This prestigious standard sets demanding management specifications that have been checked by an independent controller, after their implementation in VSN’s organization, solutions and products. The company has established risk assessment processes to identify the information security vulnerabilities of its activities. Therefore, it has introduced controls and protocols to mitigate the risks and define the goals to improve security. 

At the same time, ISO 27001:2013 requires a defined organizational scheme to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the information access. VSN has achieved this standard by presenting a structured team in different departments, in which the roles and responsibilities of each employee are clearly defined. Also, each team manager monitors information security objectives. This way, the company has integrated all the processes needed to improve constantly on its security protocols.

With this certification, VSN takes a step forward assuring all its employees, products and solutions are committed and complies with the stricter standards of information security matters. Therefore, the company guarantees to all its clients the highest level of reliability and efficiency for its Media & Broadcast management systems.

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Valsoft enters Media and Broadcasting Vertical with acquisition of VSN https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/valsoft-aspire-vsn-acquisition/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/valsoft-aspire-vsn-acquisition/#respond Tue, 07 Sep 2021 08:51:08 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=64844

Valsoft Corporation Inc. (“Valsoft”), a Montreal-based company specializing in the acquisition and development of vertical market software businesses, is pleased to announce the acquisition of VSN Video Stream Networks S.L. (“VSN”), an industry leader in media and broadcasting solutions.


Operating out of Terrassa, Barcelona in Spain, VSN provides solutions in media management, production, planning, multiplatform content delivery and broadcast or publishing through linear and non-linear channels. The acquisition of VSN puts Aspire Software (an operating group of Valsoft) in a new vertical and strengthens Aspire’s presence in Spain. 

Founded in 1990, VSN is an industry leader in the Spanish market, with offices around the world, including North America, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America. VSN’s tools manage the entire media life cycle, from ingest to broadcast and archive, in a seamless and unified way. For over 30 years, VSN has helped companies that work daily with video content improve their efficiency and productivity.

“This new stage with Valsoft is, without a doubt, a great opportunity for VSN” – stated Jordi Utiel, VSN’s CEO. “We are thrilled with the strategic projection that Valsoft will bring us, expanding and consolidating our international expansion and outlining a new horizon for VSN in the Broadcast and Media industry”.

With this acquisition, VSN becomes the second Spanish-based company to join the Aspire Software family along with construction solutions leader Telematel. By joining Aspire Software, VSN will be able to bring even better service to customers, while accelerating global expansion efforts. VSN founder and CEO Jordi Utiel will remain with the company to ensure a smooth transition in ownership and the global leadership team will continue to lead the business and will drive the product and company forward. 

One of the main pillars of Valsoft is to invest in established organizations and foster an entrepreneurial environment that allows an organization to grow as a leader in its respective industry. Valsoft is not a private equity or venture capital organization. Rather, it aims to grow organizations sustainably, through long-term partnerships with existing management.

“We are excited to enter the Media and Broadcasting vertical and partner with a strong industry leader providing innovative solutions to global tier 1 customers. We are impressed by the VSN value proposition and the customer-centric culture that Jordi and his team have built over the last few decades.” said Michael Assi, CEO of Aspire Software, an operating group of Valsoft. “We look forward to welcoming VSN customers, employees and partners to the Aspire Software family.”

Under the Valsoft umbrella, VSN will continue to help its clients carry out their daily operations with maximum security and efficiency. Aspire is excited to work with the VSN team to expand and uphold the exceptional culture VSN has formed.

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AVoD or SVoD? How to monetize your VoD platform https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/avod-vod-monetize-ott-vsn/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/avod-vod-monetize-ott-vsn/#respond Tue, 31 Aug 2021 08:49:39 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=64755

The way of consuming video has turned into a digital model with VoD platforms as the main market players. In this article, we analyze the AVoD and SVoD business models.

During the last years, we observed how video content consumption changed its traditional patterns. The arrival of digital platforms opened a sprawl of possibilities that was boosted by the pandemic. We do not look for our favourite program on the TV Guide anymore, we watch it when and wherever we want and we have more content than ever.

According to the report “VoD market trends” by the European Audiovisual Observatory, VoD income increased from 388.8 millions of euros in 2010 to 11.6 billions in 2020. Keep in mind that these figures do not even show the impact of Covid-19. An impulse that we can see in the US, where according to Nielsen, the streaming currently represents a quarter of total TV consumption, a 16% increase in comparison with last year. 

The numbers are clear. VoD platforms dominate video consumption or are on their  way to do it. We have gone from zapping to discussing for hours what series or movie to watch on our digital TV or computer. How do they monetize that leadership? Two business models are fighting to dominate the market: SVoD and AVoD.

SVoD: Netflix as a pioneer

SVoD model revenues come from the payment of subscriptions by the users that enjoy the platform. Usually, through a fixed monthly payment,they can access all the content. This is the classic model defined originally by Netflix, and used also by Amazon Prime Video or HBO.

In fact, this is the main model in Europe. According to the European Audiovisual Observatory, the VoD market in the EU generated 11.6 billion euros, of which 9.7 came from SVoD, more than 80%.

Despite these good figures, this model is reaching its peak. The wide offer of different platforms make it difficult for users, as they cannot afford all subscriptions at the same time and the creation of original content is not always a sign of success. Some companies like Amazon Prime Video are searching for alternatives, like live sport streaming. For example, in the UK,  Jeff Bezo’s company is broadcasting the Spanish football league, LaLiga.

AVoD model: Beyond YouTube

Unlike the previous model, AVoD generates its revenue through the insertion of advertising, either before or during the content. The user does not pay anything. In this model it is essential to optimize and maximize the benefits generated by our ads, with a proper planning of their broadcast. Having a suitable Media Planning solution can be quite useful in this process.

According to analysts such as Omdia, AVOD has already surpassed SVOD in revenue in the United States and Asia-Pacific. Not only that, but it seems that this model has a promising future for the next five years. According to Digital TV Research, AVOD will experience during this time a 144% growth, with a presence in 138 countries and revenues of 54 billion euros.

But not all that glitters is gold, as this model also found some obstacles. Except YouTube, where the creators upload their content directly, the platforms need a large catalog to attract viewers, with the management challenges that this means. At the same time, advertising can be a double edged sword, as the user is not used anymore to watch ads.

Even if we have a SVoD model or an AVoD one, optimized content planning is vital for our platform. Something that is very simple with a BMS like VSNCrea. This software allows planning the publication of content on VoD channels, OTT, websites or social networks. Users can organize all content, with its associated metadata and broadcasting rights. It also offers a complete integration with the rest of VSN’s products.

A mix of models as a solution

Maybe the answer to this battle is in the mid term: A mixed model. Warner Media recently announced the incorporation of an AVoD option for HBO Max in the USA. The company has been offering a free-ad subscription for 15 dollars and now it also has a 9 dollars option with ads and a restricted access to the catalog.

It is not the only platform to offer this option, but it is the first major company that was based 100% on SVOD, that opens up to a different  ad-based model. We do not know how the move will turn out, but we are sure that other companies will be watching its success to see if they will join them in this hybrid proposal.

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VSN Wired: Spotlight. Discover all VSN’s news in less than an hour https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/vsn-wired-spotlight-september-press-release/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/vsn-wired-spotlight-september-press-release/#respond Tue, 24 Aug 2021 08:56:54 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=64629

The Broadcast, Media and Entertainment software company VSN has announced a new edition of its virtual event, VSN Wired: Spotlight, where the company will present all its latest news. The event will take place on September 21st, with sessions in English at 09:30 GMT and 18:00 GMT and in Spanish at 16:30 GMT.

Media solutions, real use cases, interviews… And a lot more!

In a 2021 in which virtual events have filled the agendas again and on the eve of the return of the big on-site venues of the industry, VSN presents its media solution news and exclusive services in a dynamic digital event to connect with its worldwide audience in less than an hour.

After the good response to the premiere of VSN Wired: Spotlight in April, the company relies once again on this outlined, virtual and dynamic keynote event. From anywhere in the world, assistants will discover the latest media solutions, product and company news, accompanied by short demos, interviews and use cases.

In particular, VSN will present for the first time the recent features of its Media Preservation Solution, with new interfaces, dashboards and widgets for VSNExplorer suite. In addition, the company will show a use case of content segmentation using Artificial Intelligence.

Following the improvements added to VSNExplorer, the assistants may also discover the Media Exchange solution latest news. For this case, the company will present the renewal of the content hub VSNExplorer Exchange, with advances in transfer automation, the management of exchange points and the control and monitorization of media transfers.

Moreover, the recent updates of the Media Planning solution will be introduced for the first time as well, with a special focus on its core system, VSN Crea. This evolution includes improvements in management, control and assignment of ad rates and new features for planning and publishing content in non-linear platforms.

VSN’s technology reaches everywhere

In addition, the company will present its latest news in terms of contracting and deployment models, with special emphasis on its Cloud and SaaS offerings. All of this with one goal: adaptation to the needs of its customers and allowing an improved expense control.

“At VSN we’ve been working without rest in the development and improvement of our solutions and business models. We are aware that under these special circumstances our partners and customers will continue to demand the highest standards in terms of quality and flexibility”, commented Aaron López, VSN’s COO. “With this in mind, we are pleased to show a piece of this effort on this event, that is just a small part of our team’s work. All with one aim, our customers’ satisfaction”.

As a company focused on software and technology and a growing international presence, online initiatives and presence are one of the key elements of  VSN’s daily activity. Given the excellent feedback and appreciation received from customers and industry professionals alike, the company will continue to develop its digital resources. VSN Wired: Spotlight is a good example of them, along with the VoD platform VSN Play, the public resources available on the website -with multiple real use cases, white papers and webinars- or its exclusive newsletter.

Free registration to VSNWired: Spotlight for any of the sessions on September 21st (English: 09:30 and 18:00 GMT, Spanish: 16:30 GMT) is now available through our News & Events page.

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