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Shortly before the close of 2021, we reviewed how the gaming and streaming industry could take advantage of professional media management. We stated examples of how streamers deal with the challenge of managing an unlimited amount of content while they have to distribute and publish it. A similar case to those we explained in our “Your future is audiovisual too” series about other sectors like education, corporate and public institutions.

In the case of the gaming and streaming industry, video is not just a complement to the main activity; it’s the core of the business. Digital content creators earn a living creating, distributing and publishing videos for their loyal community. It’s a business growing each day and whose size should route to the use of professional tools for media management.

Let’s back that statement with some data. In October 2021, Twitch suffered a data leak that included the earning figures of the platform’s leading stars. The streamer CriticalRole was ahead of the list with a 9,6$ Million payment, followed by xQc with 8,4$ Million. And this was only from subscription fees, as advertising sponsorships and other not included incomes are not included. So yes, streaming is indeed a millionaire business.

However, money is not the only thing to consider here. We also have to mention the repercussion that some streaming stars acquired and how they became media referents. For example, the New Year’s Eve special conducted by Ibai Llanos in Spain achieved an 800,000 viewers peak on Twitch, more than some of the Spanish TV networks.

The spontaneity of these content creators is indeed one of their main features. We are not talking about changing how they perform during their streamings or create content, but if they reached these figures using simple media management and planning tools, imagine what they might achieve with professional solutions.

Getting deeper into a shared content

Although these stars manage their channels individually on different platforms, collaborations are often common. They are not like other media environments where egos and rivalries generated rivers of ink. Obviously, there are some exceptions, but most streamers seemed to get along with their colleagues. We can usually watch them discussing games, life, or challenging each other like ElRubius or AuronPlay.

But the everyday environment where streamers create content and collaborate is while playing. That’s where rivalries and competitions are born, and where interact in an ecosystem their fans love. A good example is the videogame’s campaigns and private servers in which they take part.

We can find a piece of that in Marbella Vice, a collaborative server that in 2021 gathered the main stars of the streaming world. With GTA V as the base, a universe based on the Andalusian city of Marbella was the ecosystem of the game, where crime and mean streets were the protagonist. The guest stars interacted between them and the fans followed their adventures in live streamings on Twitch or videos on YouTube.

According to the data engineer Pedro Medinilla, the streamers generated 6.921 live streamings, with 29,557 content hours. We are talking about three years of video content that might become unmanageable and a problem for the streamer’s professional teams without a professional catalog, preservation and archive.

Imagine a streamer’s edition team asking another one for a specific 30 seconds clip with some game action. Now picture in your mind the editor diving into the infinite content hours without any reference to find that particular moment.  

It’s here where VSNExplorer MAM makes the work easier for the professional teams surrounding the streamers. With this Media Asset Management system, the content receives proper metadata and catalog, making it easier to search and locate the file afterwards. Thanks to the system’s integration with Artificial Intelligence engines, this process can be automated, requiring only manual validation.

Let’s come back to the last example; the editor is searching for a game scene in front of a specific location of the virtual universe. Just introducing this place into the search, VSNExplorer MAM detects and shows all the particular content that complies with the parameters and metadata, including this place. This way, the search only returns the expected results.

Furthermore, the VSNExplorer suite includes a state-of-the-art content hub like VSNExplorer Exchange, allowing for fast, economical and secure media transfer between the professional editing teams of the streamers. All this, without leaving the MAM web interface.

A new distribution opportunity

Nowadays, gaming streamers often monetize via two main distribution windows. The first one is the live game streaming itself. The second one is the publication of chapters, reactions, or best moments on YouTube. And that’s all. The games are not usually exploited from another point.

To illustrate this example, we’re going to use the current most popular universe between the Spanish-speaking content creators (which features some of the most viewed streamers in the world). We’re talking about Egoland 2, a private server from the videogame Rust. During the first day, the live streaming of this server peaked with 900.000 individual viewers. If you write the name of this campaign on the YouTube searcher, you can easily find videos of Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg, AuronPlay and many others playing on the server. 

The main gaming stars are sharing hours of a videogame locked in an environment created for them. In this universe, they form teams, interact and develop an unscripted story in front of thousands of viewers. However, fans can only enjoy this narrative from one point of view. Each streamer produces its live streaming and highlights video. Imagine a classic TV reality show where you can only follow one participant. It doesn’t seem logical, right? Why not level up the collaborations between streamers? How? By creating a common and unique narrative when they play together on servers like Egoland 2.

If we make a quick search on YouTube, we can find how third-party users and fans edit and produce videos with highlights and create a narrative with images from different streamers. Not just the fans, we also have specialized media compiling what’s going on during the games. For example, while we are writing this article, the main story of Egoland 2 is a war between ElRubius and The Grefg.

The case is simple. Once the games are over, the streamers’ editing teams can share the live streams between them. Then, they can produce together videos with the highlights, controversies and create a shared storyline to what’s going on the server. We could have the global picture of the reality, plus the individual, without third parties taking advantage.

This post-production process can be performed fastly and easily thanks to the professional catalog and archiving provided by VSNExplorer MAM and the content exchange with VSNExplorer Exchange. Streamers can publish a coherent list of highlights each day and create an improvised storyline about the server. All this, without losing focus on their activity: playing and creating.

But this is not the only opportunity to get the most out of the content. Let’s move forward on time, to the moment when Egoland 2 finishes. We will have thousands of hours of live content with different actions like attacks, jokes, romances, alliances between teams… Enough material to create separate chapters and a series. Without the agitation of an active server, streamers could share the content and create a series with a strong storyline. And that’s something that literally nobody is doing.

With the figures of viewers from these digital stars and the media repercussions of their games, it’s perfectly possible to believe that any streaming platform could be interested in the highlights of Egoland 2, only if a consistent storyline is provided to the content. Also, if none of the big media knocks on our door, these content creators have proved their independence with YouTube at the core of their business. Arriving at this point, they could perform the series’s media distribution and content planning using VSNCrea.

In summary, the gaming and streaming industry has a lot of challenges on its way to consolidating its current growth. At VSN, we believe our solutions and products can help them create and manage this content efficiently and easily. We wouldn’t mind being the mushroom that allows Mario to grow and save Princess Peach.

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VSN welcomes its new members! https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/vsn-welcomes-members/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/vsn-welcomes-members/#respond Wed, 05 Jan 2022 10:50:36 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=66479

As we covered in previous blog articles, VSN is growing fast, and we want to incorporate new faces into our team. Today, we have the pleasure of announcing two new members of our family and welcoming them to the VSN Team: Davinia Antón and Cintia Cortés. If you want to join a growing technology company with a commercial presence in the five continents, like them, don’t hesitate to check our job openings and come on board!


Davinia Antón, our new Project Manager

Davinia Antón joined VSN as Project Manager in December. The company needed a profile with a passion for new technologies and a consolidated background in the Broadcast & Media industry for such a relevant position. Requirements that fitted Davinia, as she explained to us: “I always worked in companies related to Broadcast and Digital environments and I love everything about the audiovisual world and new technologies.

The first steps in a company always require an adaptation period, in which the support of your team colleagues is crucial. “The welcome from all my partners has been incredible,” commented Davinia. In fact, the excellent work atmosphere of VSN and the exciting challenges ahead for the company pushed her to join the company: “During the interviews, I was attracted by the projects that VSN is developing, the possibility of joining a company that is constantly growing and the willingness of the people from the team.”

At VSN, the skills of our professionals are what we value the most; that is why we don’t care about where they are working from. Davinia is a good example; she lives in Madrid and thanks to the remote work policy, she could join the company without moving next to our headquarters in Terrassa. During these first days, Davinia built her office at home with the company’s support: “VSN provided me with all the necessary tools to work from home. Apart from that, I was pretty happy with some corporate gifts, that was a nice detail”, she stated.

The first days of a new job always come with excitement and a lot of information to process. Davinia is currently on her onboarding process, working with all the necessary data of VSN’s projects. On these first steps, she has all the support from her department colleagues: “The first week was really intense. I had to deal with a lot of information and documents to catch up and I’m still on it, but the support and follow up from the team was really helpful”.

Cintia Cortés, our new incorporation for our Administration team

Cintia Cortés was looking for a new place to develop her career as an administrator. Still, she wanted to pick the right company to grow: “I was looking for a place where I could learn and evolve and, at the same time, have contact with clients and a multicultural team. VSN gave me that opportunity”, she said just a few days after her incorporation to the company.

On her first steps, Cintia discovered how teamwork is key at VSN, as she was also dealing with a lot of information: “The first day was a little bit overwhelming with all the new data, but everybody was open and able to answer my questions and make my work much easier. I want to thank them all for their patience on my first days”.

Along with the classic huge workload of the first days, Cintia experimented a new reality for her, remote working: “I’ve never worked from home before and the first day was like an adventure. I had all the necessary tools and the communication with my teammates was effortless” confessed Cintia as she stated some of the advantages of this work policy: “The way to organize yourself is completely different if you work from home. I don’t have to travel to the office and therefore, I have more time to do other things after work”.

If you’re searching for a new professional challenge in the technological industry, looking for a flexible remote working policy and you want to experience an international environment like Cintia and Davinia, do not hesitate to check our job opportunities and send us your CV. We are willing to write your success story!

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The highlights of VSN in 2021, part II https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/highlights-vsn-2021-part-ii/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/highlights-vsn-2021-part-ii/#respond Thu, 30 Dec 2021 09:38:49 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=66428

2021 was a great year for VSN. That is why our main highlights did not fit into just one blog post. After the first chapter, here is the second part of our retrospective with the best moments of this year. Just a break on the road before 2022 gets started.

VSN boosting its Cloud & SaaS offering

All VSN products and solutions are ready to work on 100% cloud-based environments and with the possibility of counting on the Software as a Service business model. 

After realizing that the Cloud & SaaS trend will dominate the market and answer its clients’ needs, VSN bet on this model in 2021. An effort that resulted in some exciting projects like REV Media Group or RTVE, where cloud-based technology was a key. Aware of the advantages of these environments in flexibility, accessibility, scalability and security, VSN is planning to continue this bet in 2022. With the possibility of a SaaS model contracting, all this without putting on the back burner traditional business models.

Addition of VSNCrea Commercials module

Advertising, its management and content monetization are a definite trend of the Broadcast and Media industry. It seems clear that a traffic and content planning solution must have a module to control all the advertising aspects easily.

To answer that need and get ahead of the situation, VSN updated VSNCrea with the new “Commercials” module, the new incorporation to a BMS system that is constantly growing. With this module, the user can manage Ad Rates for pricing, select seconds of the spot for the pricing, the type of Ad Rate cost (Fixed, Cost Per Mille, Cost Per Rating) and assign prices to blocks in the Ad Rates from a single interface. Furthermore, the user can quickly check and control all the rates with the new Table View and count with the rest of the functionalities of a complete state-of-the-art BMS like VSNCrea.

VSNExplorer integration with Adobe Premiere

In a moment in which remote production is more important than ever, the VSNExplorer suite needed to be prepared for remote workflows to facilitate its clients’ operations. Therefore, the integration of VSNExplorer MAM with the main non-linear editors of the market seemed crucial.

That is why the integration with Adobe Premiere, thanks to the last plugin developed by VSN, is a  2021 highlight. Thanks to this update, we can integrate access to the VSNExplorer Suite on the Adobe Premiere interface. Without exiting our NLE, we can access our MAM system to search, drag and drop assets to the bin or the timeline, and edit our media in high or low resolution. 

The result is combining a state-of-the-art MAM system like VSNExplorer and Adobe Premiere on a single location. All these features are available on-premise or remotely in the same web interface.

REV Media Group chooses VSN for automated content distribution

Another company that trusted VSN during 2021 is REV Media Group. The company, part of the Media Prima Berhad Group and Malaysia’s leading digital media company, acquired a solution for content scheduling and delivery to digital platforms with VSN’s VSNCrea and VSNExplorer MAM systems.

With this 100% cloud-based solution, workers from the company got easy remote access and integration with the on-premise systems. Furthermore, it is a scalable solution that is constantly evolving. The two main products of VSN are working on this project: VSNExplorer MAM meets the specific requirements for metadata automation, video ingest and archiving and social media publishing. On the other hand, VSNCrea is in charge of media planning.

VSN is ISO27001:2013 certified

Last but not least, one of the highlights for VSN during 2021 was the ISO 27001:2013 certification, which joined the ISO9001:2015 renewed by the company in 2019. That is how VSN guarantees that the company complies with the design, implementation, performance and improvement of a strict information security management system, a key requirement for many projects.

As you can see, it was a year of work, effort, innovation and changes for VSN. 2021 leaves us with these highlights for the company, which is already looking to the future and to what 2022 will bring around. After this stop on the road, we must continue. As the Persian poet Rumi said: “It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.”

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The highlights of VSN in 2021 https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/highlights-vsn-2021-mediamanagement/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/highlights-vsn-2021-mediamanagement/#respond Thu, 23 Dec 2021 09:58:49 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=66348

As a technological company, VSN is always looking to the future to innovate and develop its products to satisfy its clients’ needs. However, now that we are approaching the end of 2021, it’s a perfect moment to take a break on the road and look back to review all VSN’s achievements of this year. We present the 2021 highlights divided into two articles during this holiday season.

1. Valsoft Corporation acquires VSN

Valsoft Corporation announced in September the acquisition of VSN through its operative group, Aspire Software. This Montreal-based company specializes in the acquisition and long-term development of vertical market software businesses and entered into the Broadcast and Media vertical with this operation. 

Therefore, by becoming part of an extensive portfolio of technology companies, VSN started a new stage of growth and opportunities, continuing with the road that began more than 30 years ago. Since September, the company has added more resources and possibilities to its products and solutions to consolidate as a market benchmark.

2. Consolidation of VSNWired: Spotlight

2021 should have been the year of returning to our normal activity, but the pandemic storm does not want to dissipate. The cancellation of NAB, IBC and other on-site events hit the Broadcast and Media industry for the second consecutive year. Once again, the industry had to look for alternatives to connect, strengthen commercial relationships, and continue exchanging ideas and opinions.

From the perspective of VSN, the company reinforced its virtual keynote event, VSNWired: Spotlight. Thanks to the support of the attendees, VSN held two sessions in 2021, one in April and another one in September. During these events, the company showcased its main releases and product updates, explaining at the same time success stories and overviewing the state of the market. Along with this, just a few days ago VSN held a 2022’s trends webinar with the keys for this new year for which we all wish to meet again in person.

3. RTVE and VSN shows the use of AI for catalog content analysis

VSN announced that RTVE, the main Spanish public broadcaster, trusted the company to develop a project for automated metadata creation of content from the network’s archive through AI tools. This initiative was presented during the FIAT/IFTA World Conference by RTVE and VSN teams.

RTVE put out to public tender a project to apply automated metadata using Artificial Intelligence to 11,000 hours of content from its Archive, including material produced by TVE in the 60s and 70s. VSN obtained the best rating and the project, thanks to the integration with both public and private Artificial Intelligence engines and the cloud deployment possibilities allowed by its MAM system, VSNExplorer MAM

Therefore, VSN put all its capabilities and development in Artificial Intelligence at the service of a large company recognized in the industry such as RTVE. An initiative that highlights the innovative spirit of VSN and the advances achieved in a technological field that is a current trend and will remain to be in the following years.

4. Complete renovation of VSNExplorer Exchange

A constant in VSN’s activity is the development of its products and solutions. The entire renovation of the VSNExplorer suite content hub, VSNExplorer Exchange, is a good example of that.

With this new version, the solution allows creating and managing subscriptions to VSNExplorer PAM categories to automate file movement. Furthermore, VSNExplorer Exchange features a system of user permissions that allow the formation of hierarchies among the different profiles that access the system. This way, it secures that only the right users access the content. All this, with the possibility to follow all the file transfers from a single window in real-time, filtering their display in different parameters.

These are just a few examples of VSNExplorer Exchange functionalities, a state-of-the-art content hub that can be combined with a modern MAM system like VSNExplorer MAM. If you want to see how VSNExplorer Exchange works, feel free to request a demo or contact our team.

5. TTN partners with VSN for advanced automation of its Media Workflows

Thanks to the constant effort of the sales team and the development of its products, VSN had the chance to close new collaborations with big international enterprises like To The New (TTN).

TTN is a global provider of Digital Transformation and Product Engineering services with a strong focus on the Media & Entertainment industry. Its main headquarters are based in India and New York, but it counts with a professional team in different locations worldwide. The company contacted VSN searching for workflow automation for its media asset management and content distribution to digital platforms.

Previously, TTN was processing its media services workflows leveraging multiple platforms and tools. Thanks to the VSNExplorer suite, the company unified all these workflows under a single tool using VSNExplorer MAM and VSNExplorer BPM modules.

These five highlights are only the first part of the menu. We will come back the following week with the other five highlights to complete the best moments of VSN during 2021.

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We are looking for you! Work with us at VSN https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/looking-for-you-work-vsn-broadcast/ https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/looking-for-you-work-vsn-broadcast/#respond Thu, 16 Dec 2021 08:02:15 +0000 https://www.vsn-tv.com/?p=66266

At VSN, we keep growing and we are looking for new faces to join our team. After some brainstorming, we decided one way to do it would be to show you how we currently work in the company in this post and encourage you to join us!

The whole world experienced many changes in 2021 and VSN was not an exception. The new horizon opened the company’s doors, as we are searching for new profiles to keep us  reaching new heights. If you read so far this point, you might be wondering what it is like to work at VSN. Since we thought the classic job description might be a bit boring, we decided to add some of our employees’ experiences and introduce you to our day to day activity in this article.

First things first, maybe you do not know anything about us, so please allow us to introduce ourselves. VSN is a software company focused on media asset management, archiving, planning and distribution solutions for audiovisual content. Usually, we work with companies from the Broadcast and Media industry, like TV channels or broadcasters. However, we also develop projects for other types of companies, as our systems are designed to fit any workflow to manage video.

As a technological company, we are constantly evolving to adapt to our clients’ needs. Therefore, our development team is always seeking developers and programmers. Also, as we have projects worldwide, we are interested in professionals to join our sales team and help us with our expansion around the planet. Do not hesitate to check our open positions and apply!.

Despite the fact that our software has specific applications, do not worry. We will not ask you why it is good to have a BMS or how VSNExplorer MAM works on the job interview. We are just looking for people willing to learn, open to innovation and team-oriented.

A global and young company

We were born in 1990 and although we are in our thirties, our team is formed mainly by young people, and those who are a little bit older are also young in spirit. The work environment and the methodologies we use daily are proof of this. In this article, our teams explain first-hand the daily activity of our development, product and sales team. You will discover how we value teamwork and the commitment to our product and clients.

Our headquarters are in the Parc Audiovisual of Catalunya, located in Terrassa, just a few kilometers away from Barcelona, Spain. We also have a development center in Sant Joan d’Alacant. However, our commercial presence and projects are not focused only on Spain and we have professionals and activities worldwide. That is why we will ask you for a good level of English on your CV.

In any case, if you finally join VSN, your location will not be a problem. Remote working is a reality in our company and you will choose the best option for you between different flexible choices to work.

Since September 2021, we are part of the Canadian group Valsoft Corporation. If you join us, you will work for a growing enterprise specialized in boosting software companies from different industries. So, if you are an ambitious professional willing to grow, we offer you many opportunities to do it. If you have read so far, you definitely are interested in how we work and we thought it might be best if you read what some of our professionals have to say.

Our colleagues explain our daily activities

Álvaro Montalbán crossed VSN’s door six years ago as an ICEX intern. Since the beginning, “the opportunity to work on a growing sector like technology and the career plan from VSN” attracted him. “Even as an intern,” he took responsibility inside the projects from the first counting, “with the support of the company and the colleagues.” Nowadays, he is our EMEA Sales Director. For him, “VSN proved to be a stable company to grow.”

During his daily routine, Álvaro supports “partners and clients from EMEA” and seeks “new business opportunities.” He highlights “teamwork with other departments like marketing or the development team for the correct deployment of all the projects.” A daily activity carried out in a “nice and open work environment, where commitment and dedication are also needed.”

Reyes Baena worked at VSN for “15 years, a remarkable figure”. Currently, she is a Senior Developer in our Development Center in Alicante. She told us a bit about her daily activity: “I am in charge of new functionalities for VSN products, fixing problems in our facilities and several meetings for different topics. Usually, we work using Visual Studio program for developing on .NET, but we also have other tools that make our work easier.”

Reyes stated her growing path in the company: “I was very young when I started working and did not have much experience. VSN allowed me to learn a lot. During these years, I attended development conferences, took courses for specialization, and had many materials to study and keep learning. Personally, I am sure the 23 years old girl who started here would not believe that she would be able to explain to an audience how our search system works or travel to Syria, for example, to work with local technicians. These years were amazing for me”.

With these experiences on her shoulders, she assured VSN is a good company for working: “After these years, I became a better professional, with a shaped personality and my own family. I was able to combine the personal and professional worlds and fulfill my ambitions and expectations.” Furthermore, she also points out the excellent working environment: “It is a gift to work every day with such exceptional people and share time, effort and a lot of coffee with them.”

Javier Encinas had his first experience on VSN working for three years. He left the company, but he is back as Customer Success Manager after a short break. He assured that “the acquisition by a large group like Valsoft Corporation and the future projections for the company” motivated him, as well as “a salary improvement.” 

The “possibilities for growing” and the “good colleagues, the flexibility and the nice retribution program” of VSN made the company a good place for work. But, what makes the difference for Javier is “the possibility of a full home office environment and the freedom to make choices” inside VSN.

Check our job opportunities and grow with us!

As you can see, if you are looking for a stable, innovative and growing company, do not hesitate to check our vacancies and join our team. At VSN, we are waiting for you and hoping to write your success story with us

We are looking for two Back-end developers, a Product Manager, a Product Specialist, an Internal Apps Tech Lead and an EMEA Sales Manager.

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