Gestmusic Endemol trusts VSN technology again for ‘Operación Triunfo’ 24-hour online channel

Gestmusic Endemol, the renowned production company, is betting again on VSN technology to make the uninterrupted broadcast of “Operación Triunfo” through the Youtube channel of this famous program, which now completes its tenth edition. The VSNOne TV system has been in charge of automating the continuity of the recorded signal in the studios as well as broadcasting it 24 hours on this channel, with record audiences of up to almost 5 million online views on the first day of broadcast, which currently exceeds the 1000 million visualizations in its 16 months of life.

“The VSNOne TV system for the 24-hour channel of Operación Triunfo has worked perfectly, both in terms of performance and reliability, as well as the support that VSN has offered,” says Pere Prat, Technical Director of Gestmusic Endemol “In fact, this is the second year that we have used VSN’s Channel-in-a-box solution to broadcast via YouTube, given the experience we had last year, which was also a success technically speaking,” he concludes.

VSNOne TV has allowed Gestmusic Endemol to broadcast uninterruptedly through Youtube all the recorded content in the program facilities at the Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, thanks to the generation of an IP streaming signal. In order to do this, the system has allowed two separate playlists to be managed with the aim of taking the 24-hour channel one step further and adding greater complexity.

Also, in this second edition of the program on this platform, Gestmusic Endemol has opted for a more powerful generation of graphics to approach young audiences, thanks to the system graphics engine that allows users to have up to eight layers of graphics per list. The solution has also allowed the production company to have other advanced features such as the possibility of automating auxiliary events, performing timeshift or receiving real-time feedback from viewers.

Thanks to the 24-hour channel, Gestmusic Endemol has once again managed to close record audience rates for OT 2018, with a peak record audience with the distribution of themes, from gala 7 in which 139,846 people met, according to the data provided by Gestmusic Endemol.

At the moment, the official Youtube channel of the contest currently has more than 874,000 subscribers and more than 4,400 videos uploaded. Among all users, the time devoted to viewing its content exceeds 6 million minutes, of which 58% of the content consumed is on demand and 42% consumption live.

Among all the videos, more than 9 million comments and 11 million ‘Likes’ have been obtained, data that demonstrates the successful digital strategy of the Gestmusic Endemol and RTVE team that consisted on sharing, as well as the live show itself and the performances of the gala, complementary pieces with the most relevant events that occur within the Academy. The video on demand most seen to date this year is the group performance ‘This is me’, performed by the 16 contestants, with more than 2 million views, while last year, the performance of ‘Lo Malo’ , interpreted by Ana Guerra and Aitana, is the one that held the record with more than 18 million views.

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