Joan Ramón Ruiz, Project Engineering Manager: “We apply our technology and know-how to solve the actual needs of our clients”

For more than five years, Joan Ramón Ruiz, Project Engineering Manager at VSN Innovation & Media Solutions, has been in charge of keeping the company close to its clients during the system installation and launching processes. With his huge experience on the field and having visited dozens of televisions around the world, Joan Ramón answers a few questions on its daily work and on everything that VSN’s solutions can do for its users.

Joan Ramon Ruiz, VSN's Project Engineering Manager

Joan Ramon Ruiz, VSN’s Project Engineering Manager

You constantly travel to very different countries to supervise the installation of VSN’s systems. What can you tell us about this part of your duties?

VSN has a very intense presence around the world and that keeps us very busy. We have huge projects in Latin America, Asia and Middle East, with increasing activity in North America and Africa. And, of course, we are very active in Europe. I work closely with our teams at VSN’s offices in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Miami (US) and Hong Kong (China) to personally supervise the installation processes of our systems.

From VSN we make a huge effort to be close to our clients, from the very first moment they contact us with their interest in acquiring our solutions and, of course, after the project and the deployment has finished.

Our philosophy is to always be close to our users, and that makes us pay special attention to the first phases of the deployment, that are crucial because during that first weeks new needs may arise and it is very important to identify them. Also, we have a strong post-sales support, and we put all our resources in keeping high levels of customer satisfaction among our users. In my case, I visit the installation many times until the client is happy with how the system works and its satisfaction regarding expectations is maximized. So, you could say I have a direct relation with many of our clients.

What would you highlight from VSN’s systems based on what you see every day?

Our systems are scalable, flexible, capable of controlling the majority of the devices present in the market nowadays and they control the whole media life cycle, from ingest to multi-screen distribution. That is why our systems overcome any challenge with total security and reliability, no matter the client’s size, requirements or circumstances. We count with a media management technology that is capable of getting the best out of any client and that offers at all time the security that not a single error will put the media at risk. Our technology is also capable of expanding as the client’s needs expand and it controls the majority of third-party equipment, so its integration with any existing system is easy and quick, avoiding any interruption of the user’s daily work.

What can you tell us about VSN’s 2015?

This has been a very intense year for us so far, with many projects, trade shows, trainings, conferences and events around the world. We have just come back from IBC 2015 and I can confirm that we have never done so many demos in one single event. Our participation in NAB Show in Las Vegas, BroadcastAsia in Singapore or CABSAT in Dubai has also been very satisfactory and we have noticed increasing interest in our solutions.

Users visiting us at events already know our solutions, thanks to the good references given by other users and thanks to our Webinar campaign, that can be followed at our Website. The client’s requirements are more specific, because they know that we offer total security and we are capable of efficiently meet every possible need or requirement. We have launched a very important international expansion campaign and regarding projects and visibility we are really satisfied with how this year is going. It is no coincidence that we have been awarded with the ISO9001:2008 Certification for quality management.

What would you say is more important for clients?

Clients in this sector demand total reliability of the system, that cannot put them in trouble at any time. In that sense, we give our best to meet the needs of all our clients, both with a complete and close supervision of all deployment and installation processes and with a strict post-sales support. We basically cover all the client’s needs. The most important thing is then to meet the expectations that the client holds regarding its workflow and to help him grow and expand and reach the desired goals. And, from VSN, looking at the very positive customer satisfaction levels we are obtaining, we know we are doing things in the right way.

What can you tell us about VSN’s future?

Our objective in the medium term is to become an influential Broadcast and Media & Entertainment company, and thanks to the positive results that we are obtaining this recent years, we are convinced that we are going to fulfil that aspiration. We work very hard to be close to our clients and to adapt our solutions to the needs that arise every day in such a changing environment as the one we work in. We are very optimistic and we know that we are on the right path to improve the industry’s standards and processes.


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