VSN renews the storage, scheduling and continuity systems in La 7

La 7, the public TV network of Región de Murcia (Spain), trusted VSN with the renewal of its storage, scheduling and continuity systems. Therefore, VSNExplorer MAM, VSNOne TV and VSNCrea will manage these processes as part of a transversal solution integrated into the TV Channel by BGL Audiovisual. This project is placed inside the ambitious process of technological upgrade that the TV Network is performing after awarding its management to the company CBM, a subsidiary of Grupo Secuoya, for the next five years. 

VSNExplorer: An integrated and transversal MAM System for La 7 

Thanks to the integration capacities of its software, VSN offers La 7 an end-to-end solution for the media storage, content scheduling and continuity management of its linear TV channel. The core of this solution is VSNExplorer MAM, which will oversee the media asset management process providing advanced functionalities in terms of storage, distribution and media catalog of Murcia’s TV channel content. 

Due to the trust of La 7 in VSNExplorer MAM, the public TV network now counts with a fast, easy and transversal connection with the media archive of the public corporation Radiotelevisión de la Región de Murcia (RTVRM), also managed by VSN’s MAM System. 

La 7 schedules its content with VSNCrea 

VSNCrea will manage the content scheduling of La 7’s linear TV channel as part of the integrated solution. The VSN’s Broadcast Management System (BMS) allows scheduling rundowns by blocks and playlist exportation from any files system or via API. Thanks to the integration with VSNExplorer MAM, the professionals of La 7 can previsualize the rundowns and content from the media archive directly on VSNCrea. In addition, they can also manage and introduce changes in the assets’ metadata and segments without leaving the BMS. 

State-of-the-art continuity with VSNOne TV 

Finally, VSNOne TV is the third protagonist of VSN’s solution for La 7. The Channel in a Box system will manage the continuity of Murcia’s linear TV channel. Thanks to the integration of VSNOne TV and VSNCrea, the professionals of La 7 will work with an advanced connection between the traffic and continuity systems, allowing the automation of playlists import and the media download of content for broadcasting. In addition, the channel incorporates all functionalities of a state-of-the-art system such as VSNOne TV, including advanced graphics management and simultaneous playout and recording of the broadcast, among others. 

“La 7 is performing a renewal of its facilities that will consolidate the channel as a technical benchmark among the Spanish regional TV networks. We are really proud to be part of this process with VSNExplorer, VSNCrea and VSNOne TV. We believe that the integration capacities of our systems add a lot of value and enable a transversal and unique solution for the storage, continuity and scheduling processes. Our team works day after day to provide the best possible service to La 7’s professionals”, stated Álvaro Montalbán, VSN’s Sales Director for EMEA. 

“The specifications managing the current concession valued and scored the technological or management improvements and innovative elements proposed in the bidders’ offers as part of a global strategy of the regional government to promote the technological modernization of the different productive sectors. In its offer, Grupo Secuoya proposed a technical renovation that implied equipment modernization and an improvement in productivity and workflow. VSN’s complete and integrated solution for the archive, continuity and traffic areas fits perfectly with this strategy while we ensure 100% compatibility with RTRM’s archive system. I am convinced that we made the right decision with VSN”, commented Olga Arribas, Technical Director of La 7. 

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