Maximum integration of VSNMULTICOM with WebTV

VSN´s MCR automation module, VSNMULTICOM, is now totally integrated with WebTV, greatly simplifying the process of distributing and monetizing the contents of a channel over the Internet.

After more than 20 years in the market, VSNMULTICOM is the most reliable tool to achieve seamless 24/7 broadcasting in single or multi-channel environments. It allows for comprehensive control of all contents and devices, as well as other broadcasting processes, guaranteeing the highest reliability and security. It easily integrates with VSN’s and third parties’ traffic, production and archive systems.

Fast changes in the broadcast sector and the need to simplify access to new distribution channels have pushed VSN to integrate VSNMULTICOM with webTV. It’s now possible to mark the events that shouldn’t be broadcast online directly on the playlist, the system then takes care of automatically activating and deactivating the encoder and launch an alternative playlist when necessary. It also eliminates advertising blocks and takes care of providing an adapted EPG for web-publishing.

Once again, VSN proves to be in the avant garde of the broadcasting and media sector and, apart from offering one of the most reliable MCR automations in the market, works everyday to speed-up and simplify its client´s workflows.

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