Mayka Baños, Administration & Purchasing Manager: “We want to be one of the main three companies in the Broadcast and Media&Entertainment”

For over 15 years, Mayka Baños has successfully applied her finance expertise and business management skills to manage providers, resellers, distributors and partners. Her job is to have everything under control, to get the numbers right, to manage the budget and to meet all deadlines. She is passionate about her job in VSN and this new corporate Q&A she answers a few questions on her daily duties.

Mayka Baños, VSN's Administration & Purchasing Manager

Mayka Baños, VSN’s Administration & Purchasing Manager

How is one day in the Department you manage at VSN?

We are always very busy attending the different needs of VSN’s projects around the world. Normally, this means that we have to prepare all the documents required for the sending of material, coordinate the logistics with the international transport companies and arrange everything to maximize the client’s satisfaction. All of that, of course, meeting all the deadlines that have been agreed with the client, something that we take very seriously.

We have offices in Dubai, Miami, Santiago de Chile, Hong Kong, Montevideo and Barcelona, so we have to be very focused to attend all the requests and projects in these different areas. We have a very committed team and I can say that with hard work and the implication of all of our members, we are able to successfully carry out all our duties and, at the end of the day, be sure that the final user of VSN’s technology has everything that is needed.

How is the relation between the different offices of VSN around the world?

Our central HQ is in Barcelona, and we have a Technological Excellence Center in Alicante. This two centers are very close, technologically and professionally, and from here the main products are developed and tested. We have a direct connection with our offices in other continents, and every day we go together through the different plans we are implementing, depending on the needs of every specific market and how our technology adapts and solves that needs.

Thanks to the new technologies it is very easy for us to keep in touch at all times, and that gives us the chance to answer to any need that our clients and users almost immediately. At least once a year all of our employees in our international offices visit the HQ, where we all meet and work around the main keys of our business and technological plans for the next months.

What can you tell us about VSN’s plans for the future?

As I said before, we have offices in Asia, the Americas and Europe, and a growing network of dealers and distributors with which we work in more than 100 countries. During 2015 we launched an ambitious international expansion plan under the motto “Beyond all limits” and also presented our new concept “From End-to-End to Anywhere”, with which we join together the traditional Broadcast workflow with new technologies like second screens and WebTV.

We have presented all this new features in the main events all around the world, like IBC in Amsterdam or NABShow in Las Vegas, and we have met with great acceptance and very positive feedback. Our plans for the future? To keep our expansion plans and to keep growing in all the markets that we are present. And, in two or three years, be one of the main three companies in the Broadcast and Media&Entertainment.


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