Do you remember when the concept of Media Asset Management was established? It has been a long time since then! At VSN we have witnessed how MAM systems evolved from being exclusively used for archiving, cataloguing and moving files to become an indispensable tool for boosting productivity. Now, we are decided to tell you how to extract all its potential when choosing the right systems to integrate it with it -for example, by creating a Love Story between MCR and MAM systems… Ready?


Boost your company’s efficiency

Learn how to create synergies between teams and departments, as well as how to orchestrate and unify workflows and operations thanks to this MCR and MAM integration.

Free MCR from doing so much work

Discover how your MAM system can help MCR to develop tasks like content quality control, transcoding, normalising media, subtitling or even purging content through Metadata.

Broadcast easily on Second Screens

Pull content from your assets and deliver it automatically to your playout system or any WebTV platform or social media you can think of. All of it directly from your MAM.

Monetise ads or programs even more!

Segment your audience and implement automatic disconnections to regional TV stations to show in each one only the ads and programming you choose for each target.

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