A Media Asset Management (MAM) is a software tool that allows users to manage and archive all its contents in a comfortable and efficient way, helping them to better organize its resources and get the best from the space and time in which they invest in their businesses. Nowadays, with the multiplicity of screens, formats and archives, it is more necessary than ever to rely on a powerful tool to keep track of all audiovisual contents. With this Webinar we will show you how to get the best from your media management system!


VSN’s media management tool, VSNEXPLORER, is perfectly adapted to the needs of any audiovisual company or corporation, and we show its advanced features.

Real features of a MAM system

We show all the tasks that a MAM system can carry out, offering endless chances to its users and covering the whole media lifecycle.

A bit of history

Media management has changed a lot in the past few years. To understand the present, we have a look at the different phases of media management through history.


Our expert answers!

As usual, this Webinar is conducted by Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager, that answers the most common questions on this technology.

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