If you missed NAB 2019 don’t worry, here’s a recap of what was showcased

Another year has passed, NAB has come and gone, leaving major opportunities, trends and challenges for broadcast and media companies. As usual, it took place in Las Vegas Convention Center, USA, from the 8th until the 12th of April. In this article we will dissect the most remarkable and groundbreaking trends presented at the show and also review the latest products & solutions showcased by VSN in this major event.

Starting with the next generation TV, the new standard ATSC 3.0 promises flexibility to dynamically reconfigure services in real time, increasing therefore the control that stations have over their streaming services. Then, more important than ever before, interoperability between systems and the rising desire to do more with less also make their entrance in the hot topics for Broadcast and Media companies. In fact, this new trend starts to become a reality for them thanks to advanced workflow automations and the new Artificial Intelligence tools that make them possible. And lastly, another major topic covered at the event was the migration to cloud environments and more flexible ways of working, as well as the latest trend that everyone is talking about and that promises a lot of capabilities, even though it hasn’t yet reached full potential: the 5G.

During the four exhibition days and along the lines of the trends previously mentioned, VSN welcomed record-breaking number of visitors who were highly interested in attending live demos of the latest innovations of the company performed by the VSN Team present at the show.

In regards to interoperability, one of the hot topics of this NAB, VSN bet on its new VSN NewsConnect to integrate leading NRCS, CG, NLE, studio playout systems and videoservers, among others, within a single, centralized workspace to create a news production environment your way. This add-on of the VSNExplorer Platform is a pioneer innovation that got as much, if not more, demo requests as we expected it.

Moreover, VSN showcased the latest integrations of AI tools and workflow automations within its media management solution, in order to approach the rising trend of “doing more with less” while reducing human error to the least. At NAB, visitors were able to see first hand how the new AI tools implemented in VSNExplorer MAM have several business models and types of deployments that can be implemented depending on what best suits the costumer; whether that is a business model of private AI on-premise or on cloud, a third party public engine on the cloud or any other hybrid combination. Furthermore, regarding AI, VSN showcased some of the new features that have been developed throughout the year and that nowadays are crucial for media and broadcast companies in order to successfully integrate with the AI engines and have a real advantage against  their competitors.

In regards to the migration to cloud environments and the rising interest in new flexible ways of working, VSN went for it with it’s Media Exchange solution to create content hubs in the cloud or on-premise where users can share, exchange and store media. Customers nowadays are looking to replace time-consuming, inefficient manual tasks with automated, centralized communications that can deliver greater efficiency, productivity and flexibility. That is exactly what VSN’s Media Exchange solution allows them to do to cost-effectively and securely increase content visibility, enabling fast, simple sharing of resources and delivering improved productivity and cost savings.

And last but not least, the latest multi-tenant version of the VSNCrea traffic & scheduling system for TV, radio and second screens was also presented for the first time to several visitors interested in seeing this innovative solution in action. Amongst other functionalities, VSNCrea enables broadcasters to make accurate and quick decisions about when to deliver their content, as well as to effectively manage its advertising, production workflows, programming, playlists, running order and broadcast planning. And at this past NAB we can safely say this solution was already available as cloud-based, hosted on-premise or via a SaaS model.

“As an overall, this NAB has been characterized by innovation, new business opportunities and a range of trends and technologies that are unified by common themes – interoperability, efficient workflows automation, flexibility and increased efficiency” says Jordi Utiel, President & CEO of VSN.  “Personally, I am very happy with the results and opportunities obtained at this year’s NAB, and I believe it was clear with the solutions  we showcased that we are extremely aware and have successfully aligned ourselves with the current and future trends of the broadcast & media industry.”

Those interested in discovering first hand the main products presented in the fair this year can register to the upcoming VSNWebinar “Back to the NAB 2019 that will take place next Tuesday, April 30th at 10:00 UTC +2. For more information about VSN’s solutions, visit our corporate website or get in touch with one of our commercials through the email address sales@vsn-tv.com.

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