Rede Massa automates its 4 channels with vsnmulticom

VSN’s first multichannel automation system in the region controlling Nexio and K2 servers was successfully installed by its new affiliate in Brazil.

TV in Latin American, and particularly in Brazil, is currently in the full process of migrating to HD. As a result of that, huge investments and complex installations have been undertaken to migrate, in some cases, from analog to digital and from tape-based to TAPELESS systems. Fully aware of this situation, the giant Spanish manufacturer of broadcast management software Video Stream Networks, VSN, as it is best known in the region, is currently undertaking a powerful investment process in Brazil that considered the opening of an affiliate, VSN do Brasil, “to attend in a direct and competitive way the internal demands of this market with a robust and affordable solution”, Pedro Serrrano, VSN‘s Sales VP, announced.

As regards the very first installation in Brazil, Iván Leal, VSN do Brasil Sales Manager, explained to us that his proposal was subject to a careful technical analysis carried out by the channel’s engineering area due to the complexities of the solution required by Rede Massa, one of the most important network heads of the SBT giant in the south region of Brazil.

“The installation is rather complex in both its operation and integration, it involves a range of equipment from different brands and models, which were absolutely necessary to integrate in a full tapeless workflow while resulting in the fewer possible impact on the station’s own workflow and daily work routines. To that purpose, a robust and user-friendly system was needed, capable of switching from a manual to an automatic operation mode very quickly and as much redundant as possible throughout the whole process”.

The channel already featured a platform of Harris’ Nexio and Grass Valley’s K2 servers for content digitisation, storage and playout of its 4 On Air channels, divided into SD and HD (two of them with redundancy). The installed automation system allows for the control of 6 ingest server channels, 6 playout channels, 2 VTR and router, 1 ingest remote control station, 3 rundown remote control stations, and 1 content transcoding server vsnmulticom transfer.

“The change of technology in Brazil is demanding solutions in every area. We’re concurring in a series of projects of a different nature and we’re planning to migrate some of our most demanded applications to the Portuguese language to get closer to our end-users”, the executive emphashized.