How to improve your remote production workflow using a MAM system

The remote production era is here. That is why nowadays, it’s more necessary than ever to keep all our production workflows under control. Adding a MAM system to this process clears the path and allows for multiple tools to monitor each production stage and centralize the collaborative work. Learn how to do it in this article. 

The remote production era

The Broadcast & Media industry has spotlighted remote production as a significant trend during the last months. The pandemic and the multiple advantages of this model boosted remote production workflows in a market where disruption is not so easy. After two years, the figures confirm that remote production is here to stay. 

According to Deloitte, 82% percent of the industry companies admitted they plan to move some of their workflows to remote. But there’s more within this number, as 47% plan to take a step further and implement a complete remote production workflow. 

Investment in Production Asset Management 

Logically, a change like this requires an investment. We can’t produce using on-site environments while our professionals stay at home, and companies are aware of that. According to IABM, 21% of 2021’s investment was dedicated to remote production workflow technology. This report also shows how the demand for Production Asset Management systems (PAM) like VSNExplorer PAM has increased during the last year. 

Therefore, we need to centralize assets and decision-making in a collaborative work tool with our team at home. And this is where a PAM system can be the best ally. 

Remote production using a MAM System

The IABM report reveals some other keys. Many companies prefer to invest in a complete MAM system like VSNExplorer MAM with an integrated PAM environment. 

It seems logical to count control of the entire production workflow, access to all media assets and different tools to manage them within the same interface. You can find some practical advantages and use cases of using a MAM system in our remote production workflow below. 

Centralize the media of your production in the MAM System

In this remote production era, our film set might be in Montevideo, while the postproduction team is dispersed between New York and Paris. Having a MAM System facilitates access to the media, as it allows to count with an individual access point. After the media is ingested, the system catalogs and archives the media, which can be quickly recovered and localized. Time to say goodbye to deep archive dives in the look for a specific asset. 

Our team only needs a web browser to use VSNExplorer MAM and search for all the media assets they need for the production with ease. 

Control the production workflow

However, having a single access point to our media is not enough to manage remote production. We also need to standardize and prioritize all the processes. Here is where VSNExplorer PAM enters the game, as it allows to hierarchize production tasks into categories and folders in a tree-view or the using the Kanban method.  

Therefore, we can control the entire production workflow with a quick glance. At the same time, we will be able to manage all our media and archive within the same interface. 

Remote production = Collaborative work

In any video production, we find many processes that require collaborative work between our team’s professionals. We can’t get the most out of a Production Asset Management system if multiple users can’t access the same media asset from different locations to work while the production moves forward.  

The adaptation of VSNExplorer PAM to cloud environments allows our professionals to control in real-time all the changes and interactions between them. All from the same interface of the MAM system. 

Integrating the MAM System in your video editor 

The video editor is one of the key elements in any production workflow. Our team is used to work with a specific NLE and our media solution must be flexible and open to all video editors. 

Let’s imagine our team works with Adobe Premiere. With VSNExplorer PAM, the users can import and export sequences from the editor. This functionality allows them to search and drag & drop assets to the bin or the timeline of any video editor of the market. It doesn’t matter if we work with Adobe Premiere, Apple’s Final Cut, Avid Media Composer, Vegas, Edius or others. 

VSN, your remote production ally 

Adding a MAM system like the VSNExplorer suite to our remote production workflow allows us to manage all the media from a centralized and individual access point. Our team can localize and work with the media from the same interface as they collaborate on the production tasks. 

In addition, we can integrate our preferred non-linear editor with our MAM system. Thanks to VSNExplorer PAM, we can monitor and control each production stage. If you want to learn more about how a MAM system can help with your adaptation to remote production, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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