Artificial Intelligence applied to media management

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Make the most of your AI tools

Nowadays we are constantly being overwhelmed with information about AI but it is still very unclear to most people when, why, or even how to implement this technology to their already existing solutions and daily tasks in order to get the most out of their media management workflows.

Therefore, in this VSN Webinar we discuss what AI is and its current applications in media management within Broadcast and Media companies, in order for this technology to stop being a myth and become a reality.

Review which AI services and features are currently available in the market, who are the companies offering them and under which type of business models. Learn more about the type of content that these technologies can be applied to and about the advantages and disadvantages online or on-premise AI services offer to you.

Moreover, discover how this technology needs to be properly integrated with a media asset management solution through a demo of our VSNExplorer MAM.

Actual applications of AI
Advanced metadata structures
Types of AI services
Online or on-premise AI

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