2020 Kick Off: A complete review of what to expect from VSN this year

VSN once again faces the beginning of the year with a sales Kick Off to determine and set the company’s main goals in international business expansion and future product roadmap. In this new blog post and video, we summarize some of the impressions of the company’s sales team about what 2019 has left behind and what milestones will be reached by 2020.

“After major changes in the company’s strategy and team during 2017 and 2018, 2019 finally began to bring us the outcome and great results that we were all expecting from all this work. It has been a very intense year in which we have succeed to expand VSN brand’s presence in new markets such as Georgia, Ukraine, Belgium, Switzerland or Taiwan. Likewise, we have also begun to consolidate the company as a reference in software solutions for the media management, media production and workflow automation.” says Patricia Corral, Marketing Director of the company. “The truth is that the entire team is very excited about the results obtained and the new challenges that we will face during 2020. We want to strengthen even more the growth rate that we had last year and what is more important, we are ready for it.”

During all the meetings and sessions held at VSN’s Kick Off, the entire team discussed about the evolution of the Media and Entertainment industry, the company’s performance in the different markets, and the new needs and realities in content consumption that are making their way in the sector and for which VSN technology has already anticipated and evolved.

“The main problem today is not only getting our content to multiple destinations or platforms, where our audience expects to consume it. The key aspect here is to do it efficiently, taking into consideration everything that is around this content: metadata, different formats, content rights, targeted advertising…”, states Aaron López, COO at VSN. “Precisely, this is why our technology is constantly adapting and evolving, because we want to help our clients to solve each and every problem that they can find when orchestrating and automating their content value chain. Our main goal is to help them create, distribute and preserve their media anytime, in any work environment and under any circumstances. It is something that I think we have achieved so far in a very successful way for our clients, and we will continue betting heavily this year.”

For more information about VSN solutions visit the website https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/ or contact sales professionals through the following email sales@vsn-tv.com.