Roberto Pascual, Sales Director for EMEA: “We have developed the most advanced Media Management solution available”

Just a few days ahead of BroadcastAsia, one of the main commercial events for the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment industries, and after a very successful BIT Broadcast trade show in Madrid (Spain), VSN’s Sales Director for the EMEA region grants us some minutes to talk in detail about the latest innovations being unveiled in these worldwide events.

Roberto Pascual, EMEA Sales Director en VSN

Roberto Pascual, EMEA Sales Director en VSN

What are the latest advances that VSN is currently introducing in events like BIT Broadcast or the next BroadcastAsia?

In these trade shows we are giving special relevance to the latest integrations carried out with some of our main partners in the industry, which have considerably improved our solutions (especially, the media management ones). For instance, we have been presenting to all attendees to BIT Broadcast our VSNEXPLORER integration with the cloud platform Microsoft Azure Media Services, that we officially introduced in the past NAB Show 2016 in Vegas. This integration allows our customers to have access to an enhanced MAM solution in the Cloud, as well as to a new range of interesting features that it comprises, such as advanced cataloguing, speech-to-text processes in multiple languages, run text searches on the audio layer or automatic detection of content (fingerprinting), among many others.

Besides this, we have been also presenting another interesting integration with the Edit Decision Lists (EDLs) of Avid Media Composer, which allows users to take advantage of all the editing tools available in the american software from our own VSNEXPLORER’s interface. They can even export all their projects saved in VSNEXPLORER, in order to finish the editing in this program without experiencing any kind of incompatibility.

Regarding your solutions, could you tell us more about your own latest developments that you have been working on for the last year?

Of course. Indeed we have been also introducing them at BIT Broadcast and we will do the same at the upcoming BCA. We have got pretty interesting new developments, such as the latest improvements included in our VSNCREATV solution for traffic and programming management, which has now available new features for TV management and planning that will make our user’s daily tasks easier. Another exciting developments we have been developing lately are the 4K UHD for our integrated playout VSNONETV or the possibility of ‘Drag and Drop’ events to any video server channel or auxiliary channel in our studio playout solution VSNLIVECOM. This solutions has even incorporated now a new channel auto-assignment feature.

And finally, regarding VSN’s future plans, what path is planning to take the company in order to stay at the avant-garde technology?

Our policy is to always offer our clients the best solutions possible considering their needs and also the evolution and trends that we perceive in the industry. That is why I believe one of the best advances we have recently made is the integration with Microsoft Azure Media Services that we talked about before. At VSN we think that Broadcast and Media & Entertainment companies will be closely related to the Cloud and the Software as as Service (SaaS) solutions in a near future.

Therefore, we decided to implement all our software towards new hybrid models both offline and online, that allow users to work in the Cloud and bet on this new modality of service without relying on physical infrastructure. To date, we have been able to develop the most advanced media management solution currently available in the industry, VSNEXPLORER, precisely thanks to this bet on the Cloud among other things. Nowadays, it is just one of the main tendencies of the industry, but we are pretty sure it will soon become a real issue for this companies. And VSN will be there for them.

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