RTVE promotes citizen participation and MOJO in the Festival of Almagro with the support of VSN

One more year, we can see collaborative coverage and MOJO in the Festival of Almagro. Several leading companies from the media industries are contributing to this project. Among them VSN will be supporting this project with its knowledge and experience in the areas of content edition and management in the cloud, as well as automatic metadata indexation and documentation.

Citizen participation and MOJO in the Festival of Almagro

The  ‘Journalism Innovation HUB, created by state-owned public Spanish Radio and TV Corporation RTVE, continues its development in the Classic Theater Festival of Almagro in order to study the digital transformation of news production, including new technologies and new ways of working of this type of events. The objective of this  cultural event is to mix the the classic with the new technologies and also to be a point of reference in the communication of this type of content to the audience. 

A team of RTVE in Almagro will supervise the practices and ensure their proper dissemination and coordination of events during the festival. Moreover, along with VSN, a numerous amount of well known companies from the audiovisual sector such as, Hispasat, Telefónica y TSA, Google, Watchity have and will continue to collaborate with RTVE in this ambitious project. More specifically, regarding VSN, the event will count with our support for content edition and management in the cloud, as well as for metadata indexation and documentation. 

During this event, RTVE will promote citizen participation, promoting the collaboration of people trained in audiovisual narratives (the so-called ‘information observers’), who can provide audiovisual content with their phones. The participation of the so-called “Information Collaborators” will also be promoted, that is, those persons who witness a particular newsworthy event and who can voluntarily provide multimedia content to complete the information available.  With these contributions, the value of this experience will be increased once again within the Classic Theater Festival of Almagro.

Those interested in discovering more about VSN and about how we can help edit and manage content, can visit our corporate website or get in touch with one of our commercials through the email address sales@vsn-tv.com.