The Russian Holding CTC Media bets on VSNEXPLORER for its process automation and media management

The Media Asset Management (MAM) and Business Process Management (BPM) modules of the advanced suite of solutions VSNEXPLORER for the media management have been the systems chosen by the Russian holding, in order to improve its daily operations. The main goal of the corporation is to have a flexible tool that allows automating the production chain, reducing costs and developing cross-functional and complex processes between the four television channels that it owns. The software installation and implementation have been carried out by the local partner Program Logistics Company.

CTC Media has trusted on VSNEXPLORER to automate and improve its workflows' efficiency.

CTC Media has trusted on VSNEXPLORER to automate and improve its daily workflows’ efficiency.

The Russian holding CTC Media, which owns the TV channels “CTC”, “Domashniy”, “Che” and “CTC Love”, as well as “Channel 31” in Kazakhstan, has recently implemented the Media Asset Management (MAM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions of VSNEXPLORER, in order to improve its daily operations, as well as its cross-functional and collaborative workflows between subdivisions. Both systems have been installed by the systems’ integrator Program Logistics Company in the facilities of the Russian holding.

CTC Media, the leading channel in the Russian market in terms of content, needed a media management and business process automation system capable of improving the overall efficiency of the group, thanks to the integration of the content exchange and the production workflows in one single platform. Moreover, it needed to have all the information under control, so as to make an exhaustive monitoring of the complete life cycle of the media.

Finally, another additional requirement extremely important for CTC Media was finding a software capable of integrating with the third-party solutions that the media group is still using at its facilities. That is, CTC Media needed to find a software flexible enough to integrate with systems like Vantage for transcoding, Broadview for the broadcasting management, Aurora Tektronix for the quality check control or HD Hydra viewing system, among others.

After analyzing a variety of solutions and conducting a thorough research of the IT landscape within the Broadcast and Media sector, CTC Media opted for VSN’s systems, so as to rely on a flexible tool that was able to automate the production chain and develop complex cross-functional business processes between all the TV channels owned by the holding.

The finally installed MAM and BPM modules adapted their interface in detail to the needs and requirements specified by the corporation. This customization allows CTC Media to reduce time and maximize efficiency on its daily workflows and media management tasks carried out by its employees, including specialists of digital library, editors, web cutters, special effects specialists, producers or the advertising department itself, among others.

Now, thanks to VSNEXPLORER’s MAM and BPM modules, CTC media can monitor its workflows’ progress along the whole media lifecycle, from production to broadcasting, including storage and content processing. Furthermore, the results obtained so far have allowed the Russian holding to centralize its subdivisions’ work and improve efficiency in each one of them, while also highly reducing costs.

‘VSNEXPLORER Media Asset Management system is one of the very successful examples of how information technology can be really helpful for television’, states the Head of Maintenance of Information Systems and Project Manager at CTC Media, Stanislav Grushenko. ‘This project allowed us to achieve a lot of results at once. The direct ones – providing a highest level of reliability in operation of the key systems and processes, while reducing costs. The indirect ones – contribute to create additional synergies and increase labor productivity thanks to the improvement of our processes’.

‘VSN has achieved important milestones in the Russian market so far and this project for CTC Media is without a doubt one of the most important ones that we have developed in this country. As the leading audio visual holding in this market, thanks to its excellent catalogue of entertainment content and TV series, the fact that CTC Media has trusted on VSNEXPLORER to successfully optimize its workflows, is actually one step forward in our growth strategy in the Russian market’, declares VSN’s Sales Director for the EMEA region, Roberto Pascual. ‘We believe that our technology is capable of solving all the needs that any given broadcaster, corporation or audio visual company may have in this region. And CTC is the perfect example to prove that we are right’.

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