S+ Channel Case Study

S+ is a Health-themed Portuguese channel created by audiovisual group Mediapro through its integrator Mediaburst. The newly created channel is based in Lisboa, with recording studios in Venda do Pinheiro, and an operational delegation in Porto, at Matosinhos Innovation Center. The channel focuses on informing about the latest scientific developments, technological advances, innovative products, and news services available in the medical domain. It broadcasts both international documentaries and programs dedicated to a variety of medical and health-related areas, as well as its own contents and programs, including daily live broadcasted magazines. Therefore, to create the new channel, different kind of solutions were needed:

  • A stable continuity automation system that could guarantee the 24/7 non-stop emission
  • A studio playout system that allowed the management of both contents stored beforehand and live broadcasts
  • Systems integrable with the pre-existing equipment

Mediapro S+ channel could start broadcasting on the planned date, and now has an automated 24/7 broadcast, totally integrated with the chosen technologies.


This system guarantees broadcast continuity and automation, controlling a matrix and a video server, and is integrated with a logos and graphics inserter


VSN Studio Playout solution allows S+ Channel team to control several rundowns simultaneously, up to 2 channels on list mode and 1 auxiliary channel

14 Advanced management

Every system and solution implemented by VSN Engineers Team was fully integrated with all pre-existent equipment selected by S+ Channel

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