Succesful NAB 2012 for VSN

VSN’s 10th anniversary at NAB came with a new generation of BPM and Cloud products

VSN arrived at NAB 2012 (booths N 708 and N 408) with more releases than ever in products and projects, such as the Applications Platform SPIDER, its last MAM VSNARCHIVE 5 and the presentation of new Business-Model Solutions in the Cloud with a dedicated booth. It was a very successful show for VSN with more visitors than ever.

New Applications Framework SPIDER

The ultimate SPIDER Framework was VSN’s highlighted release this year at NAB. It consists of an ecosystem with applications and web services, open and reliable for the implementation of Business Process Management (BPM) in the Media and Broadcast industry in order to make more processes and content management profitable.

VSN’s Spider Platform is a cutting-edge framework in a modern generation of cloud-friendly software solutions for Media and Broadcast. In fact, this platform opens the doors to the Cloud services in any of its aspects (private, public or hybrid).

The products presented with the ultimate SPIDER Framework were:

·Workflow manager (BPM), VSNWORKFLOW MANAGER.

·Storage Manager (MediaBus), VSNSTORAGE MANAGER. VSN’s exclusive!

·front-end for the whole platform, VSNEXPLORER.

MAM-Multimedia Archive, VSNARCHIVE

Another star release was the new generation of Media Asset Management VSNARCHIVE 5, a multimedia tool that manages several types of audiovisual content (video, audio, images, text, etc) with its own metadata and specific cataloguing structure with a very intuitive user interface. Its innovative open architecture (SOA) provides a seamless integration with traffic and automation tools, it’s tailored for all types of file supports and compatible with hierarchical storage solutions.

Business solutions in the Cloud

VSN unveiled VSNCLOUD at NAB as a world premiere, an innovative “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) designed specifically for the sector. It’s addressed to any company with an oriented business towards video Content Production, Distribution and Monetization and facilitates the Management of media assets efficiently and securely with any cloud architecture.

VSN dedicated this year a booth to the Cloud solutions (N-408) where there were shown 3 presentations and 2 real business cases.

New traffic version VSNCREATV 3.6

The main piece of the modern Spider platform is the solution BMS or Traffic management VSNCREATV, totally redesigned for multiscreen distribution, along with a perfect integration with MAM and automation VSNMULTICOM. The 3.6 version adds sales-purchase contracts management (own-others) and advertising. It is a very business oriented solution with a Business intelligence tool that provides customized dashboard and reports.VSNCREATV is more flexible and can be integrated with MAM solutions, WebTV or automation from several manufacturers.

Innovative WebTV Platform integrated with VSN solutions

VSN presented also at NAB 2012 an innovative solution to simplify and integrate linear TV with connected devices for live (streaming) and on demand content. This fresh solution is aimed at broadcasters to help them increase and retain audience, monetize their content, analyze audience behavior and improve user experience. This enables them to avoid costly investments and duplicated processes.

Other releases for news production, IP file transfers and graphics

VSNNEWSlast features include Automatic Agencies Transcodification, Social Media integration and SOA interface with MAM and Archive systems. All services are now centralized and managed by workers, so the system is completely scalable, despite its size and number of edition licenses in low or high res.

VSN also released the latest version of its UMP protocol accelerator of file transfers. UMP is available as an independent product or integrated in the IP transcodification platform, VSNIPTRANSFER, backbone of the solutions offer in the Cloud. The new UMP client adds versatility to the content distribution solutions and Broadcast marketplace.

Finally, VSN unveiled also the version 5.0 of VSNCG+. The ultimate platform for advanced graphics offers an user interface much more powerful, with search filters, unlimited possibility of re-do changes and floating window distribution. It’s also compatible with multicore processors and an extended hardware offer and provides native support 32/64 bits.

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