Successful reception of VSN solutions in Taiwan

The Spanish manufacturer gave a seminar for more than 30 Taiwanese TV stations on the latest trends in tapeless workflow management for the broadcast sector. The Taiwanese industry will be facing the transition to HD within the next few years.

In direct collaboration with its partner in Taiwan, Men Shing, VSN organized a seminar on tapeless workflow management for the broadcast sector in the capital last month. More than hundred technical representatives from the principal audiovisual groups (Videoland, EBC easter broadcasting and CTS among others) attended the event, which took place at the prestigious Cathay Financial convention center in Taipei.

In the demonstrations and presentations by Francisco Simón, Responsible of Business in Asia and the Middle East, some of the principal benefits of VSN’s digital workflow were highlighted: it is a complete solution covering all areas in a TV channel, from ingest to playout; modular and scalable and may be applied to a wide range of production environments of different sizes; it is based on standard hardware and an open, customizable technology that enables a level of integration unheard of in the sector.

The broadcast solutions that aroused the highest interest of Taiwanese stations were those based on master control automation and management and sending of large media assets over the Internet. The country will soon be facing a transition into HD so these stations are primarily concerned about easily recoverable investments and a quick set up of the new systems that need to be acquired.

As Simón pointed out: “We are very happy that our offer has been so warmly welcomed by the Taiwanese stations. VSN solutions guarantee the profitability and a quick recovery of the investment, a key aspect that all these stations will be facing in the near future when making decisions in their transition to HD.”

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