TVG rolls out VSN’s traffic system

vsncreaTVand eBD will manage the scheduling, planning, own and alien production, advertising, broadcast rights and continuity processes for all channels of the Galician broadcaster.

In late 2008, Galician Radio-Television Company awarded VSN the integrated traffic & broadcasting system for TVG. VSN’s proposal comprises the scheduling system installation vsncreaTV, in redundant servers configuration, integrated with eBD by OasysSoft. Both companies are developing for TVG an ambitious customized management system for the Emission, Production, Economic Resources and General Secretary departments.

The awarded project’s scope:

  • Control and management for own and alien production (internal & external)
  • Royalties/emission rights management
  • Broadcast management, integrated with continuity

The system will be integrated with the corporate databases (Oracle) and with other pre-existent modules, such as:

  • Continuity (grids, playlist structures and as-run-logs)
  • Advertising
  • Analytic and financial accounting
  • Documentation
  • Press (EPG)
  • Internet
  • Teletext (scheduling and Now & Next)

vsncreaTV is VSN’s scheduling and traffic system. Developed for web environment, its implementation is simple and its interface is clear and intuitive, enabling a perfect integration with continuity, accounting and advertising management systems from third companies. Among others, vsncreaTV is used by Canal Blau, Ecuador TV, Benfica TV, 8TV and XTVL, the last two in conjunction with eBD.

eBD ( is a Web and User Experience Development Platform for the development and publication of Web applications, which allows creating a presentation layer, being single, graphic, structured and easy to use. It can interface with different custom-made applications, pre-existing in customer’s company, with al market databases, and being compatible with all browsers