A new dawn: VSN’s 2021 Kick Off begins

After a year full of inconveniences and uncertainty, VSN starts again the first quarter of 2021 with its usual sales Kick Off. On this occasion, and due to the situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the internal event is being held 100% virtually.

2020 or how to adapt to constant change

The usual sales-focused sessions, which usually serve to determine and set the company’s main international objectives and product roadmap, as well as the specific milestones to be achieved during the year, have a more analytical component this time around due to the great disruption that 2020 brought to the entire Broadcast & Media industry.

As a direct result, many of the industry’s medium and long-term forecasts and plans have changed significantly, and while adaptation on the go was conditioned by a distinct element of uncertainty, the company is actively working to ensure that these joint sessions with all departments and international offices serve not only to unify action plans for the entire team, but also to exchange collective views and perspectives on what the future may hold.

Therefore, different analysis sessions are being carried out regarding the industry, the evolution of the different markets, the new accelerated requirements and realities regarding content consumption, and how VSN’s solutions and products can optimize and assist media companies in this new reality.  

Solutions for a new audiovisual landscape

“Beyond the obvious logistical problems that 2020 generated, it is clear that both consumers and businesses have accelerated changes that we did not expect to witness for three, five or more years. As a technological and innovative company, our task is to evolve with them, either by enabling all kinds of remote workflows, SaaS solutions or by developing increasingly versatile and easily integrated products, capable of creating, distributing and managing contents in an increasingly agile and intuitive way, providing an added value that our customers can appreciate in their daily work”, said Roberto Pascual, Global Sales Director of VSN. “Besides, it is not only about innovating, but also about maintaining the quality standards we already follow regarding the quality of our service in unusual conditions, from the very first contact to the daily support service”.

VSN’s Kick Off started last Monday the 11th and will end next Thursday the 21st, after several brainstorming sessions and a complete review of the status of all the commercial areas where VSN has international activity (EMEA, LATAM, APAC and North America).

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