VSN’s CEO & President participates in R&D and taxation conference

Jordi Utiel -VSN Innovation & Media Solutions’ founder, President and CEO- has presented VSN’s good practices and processes at the conference “R&D Tax Deductions for IT and digital content industries“, that has taken place on May 7th in Barcelona and has been organized by the Spanish IT and Digital Content Association (AMETIC) and the Catalonian export and trade agency (ACCIÒ).


Jordi Utiel, VSN’s CEO and President

The Spanish Electronic, IT and Digital Contents Association (AMETIC), together with the Catalonian export and trade agency (ACCIÒ) have organized this conference to inform the companies from the Media & Entertainment and digital industries about the latest tax changes in the Spanish law. VSN Innovation & Media Solution has taken part in this conference and Jordi Utiel, CEO and President, has presented it as an example of good practices and case study for the industry.

The conference, with the title “R&D Tax Deductions for IT and digital content industries“, has touched a number of matters: the main characteristics of the incentives for R&D projects and the laws that are applicable to them: how to apply this incentives to IT and digital content companies; the most adequate strategies for avoiding fiscal risk and how to certify projects with the IMV system; how to establish a methodology to structure future deductions in 2015, and the current situation of the Spanish sector and the tendencies of the market.

This conference is part of the support program to the cultural and IT industries managed by the Catalonian government, aimed to strategically support many of the companies that operate in the IT, Media & Entertainment and software industries. Those interested in the conference can get more information about it by clicking here.

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