VSN enhances its Spider framework versatility

Alliances with 3rd parties and VSN’s own developments now offer QA, transfer acceleration and encryption, watermarking and fingerprinting capabilities to the MAM-BPM platform, plus automatic video normalization. Content providers and news agencies’ feeds will also be registered and transcoded automatically.

VSN is speeding up the development of its Spider framework, a real success at last NAB. TheSpider platform combines content management (MAM) and processes management (BPM) with a real parametric data model and fully open to 3rd parties via SOA interfaces. Complex archive and distribution systems can be easily designed using this kind of architecture and integrating several vendors’ solutions in the ‘ecosystem’.

The news agencies wire feed module, VSNWIRES, is the latest addition to Spider. Operating the same web GUI (VSNEXPLORER), the solution enables the creation of automatic workflows to add any kind of multimedia content (text, pics, video) coming from any external provider or news agency to the MAM solution. The video files are transcoded or normalized automatically, and also registered to associate the content with the specified asset and, if necessary, to a specific line of the news rundown.

Web services (SOA) made the integration of Civolution’s watermarking and fingerprinting solutions possible in order to guarantee the security in the distribution of the assets managed by VSNARCHIVE and VSNIPTRANSFER, no matter how many transcoding and transfer processes are involved. The on-line profesional  AV content distribution company ERREQUERЯE already benefits of this integration.

Spidercan also add QA processes at any stage of the production and distribution workflow. A good example is the SOA integration with Tektronix’s Cerify.

Last but not least, VSN has also integrated its own network acceleration and optimization protocol (UMP) with Spider. Either the system is working in a LAN, WAN or Internet environment, the hi-res content transfers are much faster (between 5-30 times) than using the standard tools and more efficient. UMP also enables to manage and assign certain bandwidth to specific modules or processes. Several encryption protocols have recently been added to UMP, which enhances the security of all content transfer tasks.

All these innovations together with its state-of-the-art software technology are pushing Spider to become the best-in-the-class platform for AV content production, management and multi-screen distribution. Don’t miss it when visiting the IBC Show!