VSN is awarded the 2011 Citizens Prize in Technology Development

The jury of the 9th Citizens Competition awarded the company for its capacity of development and innovation thus taking the lead in audiovisual technology.

Last Monday March 21st, VSN, an international reference in software development for the broadcast and media markets, was awarded the prize of the Citizens Awards Association and the Citizens Debate Forum "in recognition of the company's development of technology for the telecommunications sector". Jordi Utiel, VSN's President, received the prize from Francisca Sauquillo, member of the European Parliament and President of the Users and Consumers Council.

According to the members of the jury, VSN deserves the award in recognition of its contribution to the new technologies sector, taking the lead in audiovisual technology. In words of Sauquillo, "it is very enriching for the new technologies sector that companies like VSN keep on investing resources in innovation and development even in the current economy. VSN's technology, implemented in TV stations nationally but also affordable to local TV stations, has made it possible for citizens to have a better access to information in all geographic areas". On the other hand, Jordi Utiel appealed to the entrepreneurial spirit of Spaniards, "it is very important that Spanish companies keep on innovating and developing our own technologies. Internationalization and innovation are the basis to beat the financial crisis and continue to grow and improve. In our case, seventy per cent of our turnover comes from overseas markets."

In the 90's, VSN pioneered the introduction of computing networks in TV stations, replacing traditional videotapes with data files. Today, it is one of the few companies with capacity to develop a complete set of end-to-end solutions to build all the areas within a TV channel. The company, with four branches abroad, supplies its technology to more than a thousand TV channels around the globe. The patent of a new technology involving unprecedented speed rates for media file exchange over the Internet stands out from among the R&D projects undertaken by VSN in 2010. They have also led the Live Culture project for the broadcasting of live events over IP networks and have signed an agreement to contribute its technology in the set up of the Catalonia’s Audiovisual Ring.

The 9th Citizens Awards are given by the Citizens Awards Association in collaboration with the Citizens Debate Forum. The awardees were selected by a jury composed of outstanding intellectuals and representatives of city associations in recognition of the people, institutions and projects that have an impact on the city or their inhabitants and involve civic and democratic values as well as social, cultural, scientific and technological dimensions.

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