VSN organizes a webinar on Second Screens and Internet TV

With the aim of presenting its attendants with a panoramic view of everything that the irruption of second screens is changing in a sector more connected everyday, VSN presentes a new Webinar dedicated to this trend, that will be presented by Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager, on August 26 at 10,00 UTC+2.

Click on the image to register for the webinar

Click on the image to register for the webinar

The traditional system of edition, distribution, management, archive and broadcast has been altered in the past few years by the irruption of second screens, Internet-connected TV and social media. The audience has now an active relation with TV and with its favourite content, demanding access from any place and device to its series, films and programs. The new context, multi screen and multi device, is here to stay.

With the aim of analyzing this new trend, VSN has prepared a complete Webinar, presented by Toni Vilalta, Product Manager, that will show all the latest trends regarding second screens and Internet TV. As usual, in “Enhanced second screens and online TV”, real cases will be presented to illustrate examples and VSNWEBTV, VSN’s VoD and streaming platform, will be showcased to attendants.

“We live in a world that is more connected everyday and in which the audience’s behaviour regarding TV is changing very fast”, declares Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager. “We must be aware of the challenges the broadcast and Media & Entertainment sector is facing, and for that we have prepared this complete Webinar on the latest second screens and internet trends. And, of course, we’ll find the time to see some of the features of VSNWEB TV, our VoD and streaming platform”.

Those interested in attending the webinar can register in our Event page.

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