VSN presents the new features of its MAM, VSNEXPLORER

VSN´s team of engineers works tirelessly improving the products offered by the company, in order to adapt them as much as possible to the needs of its customers. VSNEXPLORER, VSN’s MAM, PAM and BPM solution, doesn’t stop growing and expanding its capabilities.

VSN’s MAM, VSNEXPLORER, has new features that increase its existing capabilities for managing media and audiovisual content. One of the most important of these new features is the ability to work with low resolution proxies from the moment the media starts to be ingested.

This means that the workflow for generating a hotlist from growing media works the same way as with media which already exists in the system: the low resolution player allows users to preview the media from the moment the ingestion starts, rewind and create marks (TC in, TC out). Also on the hotlist cuts tab it is possible to preview the consolidated hotlist and change the timecodes, as well as to use VSNWEBCUTTER, VSN´s Web cut editor.

VSNEXPLORER MAM - Media Asset Management Software

VSNEXPLORER MAM – Media Asset Management Software


Another new feature in VSNEXPLORER is the chance to extract URLs linking straight to an asset. This allows the user to send links to VSNEXPLORER´s assets by email, Skype or social networks. The asset´s record includes a new ‘share’ button that generates an address that uniquely identifies it. This address can be accessed from the any browser from any computer. After logging in the system, the shared asset´s tab is shown without having to search for it.

A new tool to identify orphan files (files that are not registered in the data base, but are archived in a storage managed by the MAM) has been implemented in VSNEXPLORER, and the PAM module has been improved with new features for the registering of media used in Premiere and Media Composer sequences that hadn’t been registered in VSNEXPLORER.

With these latest implementation, VSN continues its policy of carefully listening to its customers in order to identify their needs and continue developing its complete suite of products. This way, VSN moves forward with the market, growing, and responding to the new challenges that arise in the industry.

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