VSN workflow used for broadcasting the Verao Salvador Festival in Brazil.

VSN systems were used for broadcasting the highlights of the well-known festival during the four days of the event.

The Festival of Verao Salvador, one of the most important music events in Brazil, was celebrated in Salvador de Bahia last February. The event, which is famous for its musical diversity, brought together more than two hundred thousand people during four days. Every day TV Globo broadcasted a special show with the highlights of the festival. For the production, TV Bahia (a Globo’s affiliate) used VSN systems.

Through Video Systems, VSN‘s official partner in Brazil, the Spanish company provided its storage and media asset management solutions. The following systems were used for this particular event: VSNAUTOREC for ingest automation and VSNNETSHARER for media management and storage, all integrated with a collaborative network editing system. As Kazuyuki Tsurumaki, Director of Video Systems, pointed out: “The amount of ingested materials was huge so the channel had to work with many hours of video. To us it was a challenge to be able to accomplish the goals of everyday’s operations so the two companies [VSN and Video Systems] travelled to Salvador de Bahia a couple of weeks before the event. There, we were setting up all the equipment and testing.”

In addition to the staff working on site, a team of VSN engineers and developers, remotely connected from locations like Miami, Uruguay and Spain, worked closely together on this project double checking all configurations, solving little unexpected technical issues and watching over the complete, error-free performance of the system.

This experience is further evidence of an efficient collaboration between VSN and Video Systems. Thanks to the hard work of the two companies, TV Globo was able to air the best moments of the festival, which was an unprecedented success.