VSNExplorer BI Customized Reports to be Launched at NAB 2017

Innovation and media solutions provider VSN is launching new customized reports and dashboards for its VSNExplorer BI: a highly functional software module capable of transforming media information and metadata into powerful business intelligence. The new feature enhancing VSNExplorer BI will be officially presented at VSN’s booth SL8006 during NAB Show 2017.

VSN launches new customized reports within VSNExplorer BI at NAB 2017

The latest software development for VSNExplorer BI will allow to monitor from a unique dashboard the company’s performance, based on customized criteria and specific data of interest for the users.

A module of VSNExplorer, this broadcast-centric BI tool can extract information on assets, quality, traffic, transcoding and other activities from extensive VSN data sources or even third-party systems; then it presents selected data in simple graphics and customer reports that can help decision-makers analyze business performance. Eliminating the need to create reports manually or rely on third-party systems, VSNExplorer BI grants companies access to automatically generated analytical documents, reports and dashboards by default, as well as to new customized ones combining different reports and layouts (bar, pie, column, chart, bullet, speedometer, etc.).

This way, the newly enhanced VSNExplorer BI enables users to control even more and analyze any given broadcast company’s data – even segmenting data by department and including filters to select based upon circumstances. Thanks to this brand-new feature, an administrator can make business decisions at the start of a process and then monitor it from a single customized dashboard based on specific information of his interest. A powerful analytic and decision-making tool, VSNExplorer BI helps companies detect inefficiencies and bottlenecks, solve problems, and make decisions that drive greater revenue and more efficient use of corporate resources.

“VSNExplorer BI is actually one of the first tools for Business Intelligence and data analysis included within a MAM system and perfectly adapted to the Broadcast industry. That is, it has been developed exclusively for Broadcast purposes and it allows to extract business reports and dashboards based on specific information of interest for this sector. Based on this idea, imagine how helpful will be for users now to have access to an easy and quick tool for dashboards and reports’ customization based on their specific criteria and interests, with no need of having previous knowledge of software programming,” states Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager.

VSN executives will be on hand to demonstrate this add-on feature to VSNExplorer in booth SL8006. Book your Demo in advance now through VSN’s webpage for NAB Show 2017 or check more information about VSN and its products at https://www.vsn-tv.com/en/

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