vsnIPtransfer4 unveiled in Amsterdam

vsn presents version 4 of the IP content transfer solution at IBC Amsterdam, as well as the content portals based on this technology.

The way broadcasters and content providers from different countries are rapidly adopting high-quality content transferring systems like vsnIPTransfer is astounding. This is mainly because they contribute to dramatically reducing operating costs, and they’re easy to use. Substitution of slow, unsafe procedures such as FTP and courier companies or those far-too expensive like satellite links is now at the reach of everyone from the industry.

Because of all that, the Spanish company vsn has made a great effort to develop and introduce at IBC the fourth generation of this tool, as well as an ecosystem of web environments associated to the IPTransfer technology. By keeping its well-known video quality and speed optimization features, vsnIPTransfer4 means a step forward in terms of workflow integration within the most habitual production environments, contents management, and contribution among remote systems.

From among its new functionalities we find an advanced hierarchy of use permissions, the possibility to order and carry out remote content transfers (both in the client version and via Web) and a new and advanced API allowing third-party companies integrate all this technology with their own applications. vsn is also presenting two new modules included in this version: an advanced administration service of nodes and servers, and a catalogue management client for editors that allows to modifying contents (and their corresponding metadata) from all local and remote nodes.

But more importantly,vsnIPTransfer4 embodies an exclusive production forecast management system that is able to operate by itself or, alternatively, can be integrated with various NRCS systems like Avid i.News. Once forecasts have been published, any remote node may ‘subscribe’ to virtual contents so said contents will be automatically submitted to every ‘subscriber’ as soon as contents get to the server node. When all downloads have finished, people selected will be notified that materials are available, even though these contents can be viewed and edited soon after the transfer has begun.

Visitors to the vsn stand will have the chance to see some fully customizable news and general contents web portals that utilize this technology.

Commonly, most clients of the IP transfer system can be found within TV groups, news agencies, independent TV channels, field correspondents, companies having wide AV content catalogues, etc. In summary, whichever entity in need of distributing/transferring broadcast-quality contents among different points at a low cost is a potential client of the new vsnIPTransfer4.