VSNLIVECOM, the most advanced playout software for news and live production

VSN launches VSNLIVECOM AT IBC, VSN’s latest studio playout software. It controls up to 16 videoserver channels: 8 rundown channels (A/B/C/D) in redundant configuration and 8 more for auxiliary channels. It is MOS compatible and it integrates with, aside from VSNNEWS, other NRCS systems like i.News and ENPS.

Revolutionary architecture: based on the RundownList expertise of VSNMULTICOM, VSNLIVECOM’s architecture is composed by the playout motor and a new client-server model which allows various clients to connect simultaneously to it. Each of the clients can have their own configurations and interact with the same studio and/or the same rundown which can be configured in redundant mode. It manages several rundowns (playlists) in parallel, being able to control up to 4 channels (A/B/C/D) in list mode, sequentially and with  manual event management.

They can be chained in a different order to that of the playlist, enter in loop mode, etc.Operation of up to 8 auxiliary server channels: these channels are used to broadcast different contents to those included in the playlists, for example for showing on studio plasmas.

VSNLIVECOM enables us to make clip lists with loop functions, trimming, slow motion, etc. Dynamic configuration: VSNLIVECOM allows you to change its configuration (regarding video server channels used, etc.) without breaking the operation. This means that, amongst other things, you can enable or disable different elements of the system without needing to restart the software.

The operational views of the interface can be personalized for each studio and operator, maintaining them from one session to the next. Device support: It supports tens of devices inherited from VSNMULTICOM such as mixers, matrixes, CGs, videoservers (DVS, Omneon Harmonic, GV-K3, NEXIO, SEACHANGE, EVS, etc.) and  integrates via MOS with i.News and ENPS, keeping all terminals updated in real time with the state of the broadcast.

One of VSN’s latest projects including VSNLIVECOM was done for the XARXA Audiovisual de Catalunya (Catalonia’s Audiovisual Network) that was changing its installations to the COM Radio building, in the process they required to renew their infrastructure in order to control 4CH Venice videoservers and fully integrate the studio playout system with Avid i.News. 

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