vsnmulticom on the four Unedisa’s DTT channels

vsnmulticom has been the automation solution selected by Unedisa for its DTT channels
(Veo TV & La Tienda en Veo) and for a new multiplatform English Teaching channel

VEO TV is a national free-to-air private broadcaster in Spain. Pioneering the DTT transition, VeoTV is part of the Unidad Editorial Group (Unedisa), owner of ‘El Mundo’, ‘Marca’ and ‘Expansión’ newspapers among others.

VeoTV decided to trust vsnmulticom as the main tool to manage and automate the Master Control of the new DTT channels. The vsn solution has been installed in a fully redundant architecture for the main channel (VeoTV) and a standard configuration for Tienda en Veo and 2 multiplatform English Teaching channels (Madrid and national) bradcasted also via Imagenio (Telefonica’s DSL TV platform).

Several other vsn modules will be managing the ingest process, the content transfer, and the schedulling process. TSA will be in charge of the system integration. The reliability of this proven solution (over 15 years now) and the vsnmulticoms capability to control and integrate any kind of devices in a master control room have been the key issues considered by Unedisa to award this interesting project.

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