One web video editor, many advantages to enjoy

The evolution in how news are told and delivered has also conditioned the video editing tools. In a constantly changing environment, what are the features that any professional journalist or broadcaster might need? Here and now we are going to review some of the main functionalities that are already available in the market thanks to the appearance of the web or cloud video editors.

Wedit: VSN's new web video editor

Editing anytime, anywhere: if immediacy has always been an inherent characteristic of news broadcasting, the emergence of social media and 24-hours platform distribution has made this need even more peremptory. For this work, a web video editor becomes a particularly interesting solution. This means a reduction of the response time, since simply with an Internet connection and a standard browser you can start working on a task that previously required arriving to the newsroom where equipped workstations would have been.

Intuitive and user-friendly: to be able to produce the same story for different screens and manners, the editing tools should facilitate the journalist’s work. Thus, it is an advantage to be able to perform the work from a single window, without having to switch between tab, for example, to retrieve other content; or being able to choose the most comfortable layout for each professional.

Cost Reduction: The ability for these web editors to be integrated into other news workflow solutions, such as MAM or NRCS systems, allows to complete productions’ editing without resorting to traditional Non-Linear Editors (NLE). These programs require high investments in licenses and an editing station to perform the process. However, these web editors can also coexist and offer the initial guidelines for the most advanced NLEs, so that the latter can “refine” the video with most advanced functionalities.

All of these aforementioned features are precisely covered by the latest adhesion to the VSN family of solutions: Wedit. For more information on this web video editor, please check the webinar “Quick video editing? Discover Wedit” now available at the new multimedia library.

VSNWebinar: Need to quickly edit videos in the Cloud? Meet Wedit
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