In the broadcast sector is getting more and more necessary to think about which investments are worthy making, especially in the IT area. Those costly projects and huge investments that were usually made in on-premise equipment are stepping aside and letting space for new business models (OPEX, SaaS) based on Cloud or IP technology. In this webinar we will analyse some of them, as well as all their possible combinations to reduce long term costs in any media business and help companies to find the best options for investing in the Broadcast industry.


CAPEX vs. OPEX and all its versions

Discover the evolution that have experienced investments in the Broadcast industry in the last years. Get to know which new business models are currently making their way in the sector.

New opportunities to reduce investments in your channel

Analyze in depth the main advantages that new OPEX business models offer to your media company, such as lower and regular fix costs.

Find the business model that best fits your TV channel’s needs

Verify if your company fits the basic requirements needed to deploy a profitable OPEX type investment model.

Real VSN’s case studies to check their results

Get to know some real life projects developed by VSN to improve TV channels’ efficiency, while reducing their long term and fixed costs.

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