The traditional system of edition, distribution, management, archive and broadcast has been altered in the past few years by the irruption of second screens, Internet-connected TV and social media. The audience has now an active relation with TV and with its favourite content, demanding access from any place and device to its series, films and programs. The new context, multi screen and multi device, is here to stay. With the aim of analyzing this new trend, VSN has prepared a complete Webinar.



VSNWEB TV is a new VoD and streaming platform that allows users to distribute its assets directly from VSNEXPLORER (VSN’s MAM, with PAM and BPM modules and a new BI layer).

TV is not the same anymore

Smart devices and TV, Internet, social media… it’s a new world we are living in, and that has dramatically altered the concept of traditional TV. We must adapt!

Learn how to monetise content

We explain new ways of monetisation that has appear on the new context. Learn how to get the best from your assets and expand their traditional lifecycle.

Our expert answers!

Toni Vilalta, our Product Manager, conducts the Webinar. With more than 10 years of experience as a TV consultant, he answers the most common questions on this matter.

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