MCR solution continuity automation is key for the correct operation of any given TV channel, although sometimes it is easy to get lost among all the features that modern systems offer. Conscious of the huge importance of this technology in nowadays’ industry, VSN has prepared a new and fully-featured Webinar to cover MCR hidden keys that usually go unnoticed for users but that can help them to maximize their daily workflows’ productivity.

Maximize your content monetization

Increase your content profitability by publishing it in different platforms simultaneously. Create an automatic and parallel broadcast list specific for the website, directly from the TV’s one.

Bring your TV automation to its maximum level

Save time and achieve a greater automation for your TV channel by leaving your own broadcast system feed content to the auxiliary events, such as chyrons or overprintings.

Foster your system’s ubiquity

Do you want to check the broadcast list of your TV channel even when you are at home? Discover how to control all the Broadcast lists when and how you prefer to do so.

Increase your channel’s advertising efficacy

Learn how to automatically broadcast specific ads on concrete geographic areas or channels. Achieve a more effective and concise target for your ads and increase your TV channels’s ROI.

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