Audiovisual content in the Digital Era keeps being distributed between multiple platforms and Second Screens, which enriches the audience’s experience enormously although it also complicates its monitoring through multiple and very different channels at the same time. Are we correctly monitoring all what is being broadcasted? Are we properly registering advertising? What about following the corresponding legal specifications of each country? You now have the possibility to learn how VSNBroadrec can help you!

Record and monitor continuously

VSNBroadrec system that allows for continuous and uninterrupted media recording of video and audio sources, or even scheduled ones from any source: analog, SDI (SD-HD signals) or Transport Stream.

Discover the multiple uses of this software

From TV legal copy, to Video on Demand publishing, content recording with re-broadcasting purposes or even LTO archiving, among others.

Make the most of its advanced functionalities

Learn how to use the advanced features of this easy web-based tool for content monitoring, such as the integrated Finger Printing and WaterMarking technologies.

You will be able to see all of it live!

Toni Vilalta, VSN’s Product Manager, explains step by step in a live Demo how to make the most of all the advantages of VSNBroadrec for improving any company’s performance. Do not miss it!

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