Rewind 2018: New Webinar about the most acclaimed innovations of VSN

On December 19 at 15:00 UTC +1 the last VSN Webinar of 2018 will take place. On this occasion, the VSN team will review, in a 45-minute online session, the main trends that have marked this year and the developments that will make audiovisual consumers vibrate in 2019. Along with this analysis, they will also present the latest product developments and leading features of the company, aimed at helping industry professionals face these new technological challenges.

The broadcast & media industry is currently experiencing a movement in its technological evolution, transcending all expectations. Innovations such as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technology have opened up a world of possibilities for broadcast companies, offering them new ways to work more efficiently, quickly and innovatively. However, these advances also come with new challenges resulting from factors such as the relocation of professionals, the immediacy in the consumption of content or the proliferation of screens and devices, among others. All these trends are forever changing the traditional way of working in the broadcast industry and therefore, it is more necessary and crucial than ever to be ready to meet the new demands of the market.

In this new VSNWebinar we will go through some of the main technological trends of the year that have left a mark in the broadcast sector, as well as the main software developments that will make consumers vibrate in 2019. Afterwards, we will see how the latest technological innovations and new features of VSN products can help users face all these new challenges making their entry in to the industry. We will showcase, among others, the latest AI tools for improving media management, the new VSNExplorer Plugin for NRCS that allows journalists to access the MAM system directly from the same NRCS interface and the new HTML5 version of VSN’s traffic and scheduling software VSNCrea.

The Webinar will be presented by Toni Vilalta, Product Manager of VSN, along with Agatha Koch and Claudia Marín Samper of the VSN Marketing Department, who will act as moderators for the Spanish and English editions, respectively.

“Without a doubt 2018 has been a memorable year in terms of the evolution of new technologies applied to the Broadcast industry. From VSN we have opted to take advantage of these advances and align our products with the most groundbreaking trends in the industry, without forgetting the importance of the development of tools that provide solutions that address the direct needs of our users. With this webinar we want to make a balance of the efforts made throughout this year, and of course, we want to do it in an original and practical way, following a step-by-step workflow using VSN’s own tools as a guideline for the spectator to not miss any detail, ” says Vilalta.

The webinar “Rewinding 2018” will be held on December 19 at 15:00 UTC +1. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see live all the innovations that VSN has left us this 2018 and to discover in what other new advances and developments we are working on for 2019. Those people interested in registering for this online masterclass can do it right now through the following link.