The broadcast & media industry is currently experiencing a movement in its technological evolution, transcending all expectations. In this VSNWebinar we review the most outstanding innovations of 2018 and the latest and most advanced software developments done in VSN. As the title of the webinar itself indicates, we rewind this year and see how we have changed and where the broadcast industry has advanced towards; on the one hand; what new content consumption habits have emerged, and on the other; how are they affecting the daily work of the professionals. To sum up, we see how technology providers like us strive to offer you the latest technologies in the market so you can be as competitive as possible this 2019.

Technological trends

We analyse the latest innovations in the industry such as Cloud Technology, Artificial Intelligence, IP Technology and Targeted Advertising & Content.

The latest features of VSN products

We showcase, among others, the latest AI tools for improving media management, the new VSNExplorer Plugin for NRCS and the new HTML5 version of VSN’s traffic and scheduling software VSNCrea.

Changes in the workflow

We examine how trends are forever changing the traditional way of working in the broadcast industry and how to be ready to meet the new demands of the market.

Future VSN innovations

Toni Vilalta, VSN Project Manager, explains the new features we are working on, always aligning our products with the most groundbreaking trends in the industry.


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