The world of TV and video has changed so much in the last decade that nobody now doubts the infinite business possibilities that this sector offers. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is one of the options presented for this sector, whose rising importance has been recognized already by the main telecommunications companies and other agents of the Media & Entertainment market. VSN addresses this crucial technology with its latest White Paper, to offer a complete panoramic view of its benefits and challenges.

What is IPTV?

Since it first appeared, there has been some confusion on what the concept really implies. We define it and show everything it can achieve.

Applications and advantages of IPTV

A series of advantages that make IPTV very attractive for telecommunications companies and that also have a very powerful impact on the quality of the final service received by users.

Challenges that IPTV face in the M&E

The focus has been moved to the final user. How to address this new environment? How to react to the changing patter of media consumption?

Jump on the IPTV train

Companies have to be ready for this challenge, since the beginning of a trend is crucial to ease the change in the future and to ensure that traditional systems can transform and adapt.

Download here the White Paper

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