2016, the year of VSN’s 16 milestones

Once again, VSN leaves behind a year full of records and milestones in order to offer its clients the best technological solutions that perfectly fit their needs according to the industry’s evolution. Among others, 2016 left us more than 80 projects around the world, new top clients such as the third national TV channel in Mexico, the company’s first project in Canada or the award received as Best Company of the Year.

Discover VSN 16 milestones that have been achieved throughout 2016.

Aligned with its development goals and international expansion strategy, VSN ends 2016 full of good news and great advances in various fields: from product development and innovation, to the implementation of interesting worldwide projects or the recognition of our clients, who rated our services and products 8.5 out of 10.

These are the 16 milestones that have been achieved by the company throughout the whole year:

  1. We built from the ground up our brand-new support helpdesk, where users can control at all times their opened cases and their ongoing technical support contracts.
  2. We helped launch the third national channel in Mexico, Imagen Television, that bet on VSNMULTICOM solution for the channel’s broadcast automation.
  3. We were the first company of the industry to include Linked Terms in our MAM system, so as to automatically link additional information (maps, pictures, history, biography, etc.) to any given term published.
  4. Our clients rated VSN’s services and products beyond 8,7 out of 10. In particular, the Technical Support Service received a global mark of 9.25 out of 10.
  5. We connected 50 TV stations and 100 radios under one roof to boost content management and exchange.
  6. We achieved our first project in Canada thanks to our International Expansion Strategy.
  7. We were awarded as ‘Company of the year’ by Premios Panorama.
  8. We stopped for 3 minutes to wish you Happy Holidays. Take a look at it!
  9. We did more than 100 Live Demonstrations online to our clients throughout the whole year.
  10. We developed and implemented more than 80 new projects worldwide.
  11. We organised 10 E-learning webinars about several industry topics with an overall impact of more than 1.000 attendees.
  12. We closed 12 new International Agreements with top leaders of the industry.
  13. We were awarded with the UNE166002 certification for advanced R&D software development.
  14. The European Research project EUMSSI, in which VSN participates, obtained the highest qualification given by the European Commission for its progress.
  15. We have presented our software solutions in up to 10 main events of the industry in the world.
  16. We launched a new Online Assessment service for free, in order to give an added value to those potential clients interested in our software.
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