Enabling the cloud with VSNEXPLORER and the UMP acceleration protocol

VSNEXPLORER MAM and the UMP acceleration protocol merge in order to offer the best SaaS solution in the market for the management and distribution of broadcast quality content in the cloud.

VSNEXPLORER MAM is already available in SaaS mode in the cloud. It offers all the necessary tools for processing and distributing high-quality broadcast content over the internet. Such as, proxy generation, advanced search functionalities, hotlist generation, basic editing, EDL export, transcoding, NTSC-PAL and up-down conversion, etc.

It includes an optional BPM module, VSNBPM, which makes the managing of a company’s full workflow possible, optimizes operation, allows for real time monitoring of the different workflows and simplifies integration with existing systems. This module adds to the system the needed flexibility in order to rapidly adapt to the changing requirements of the market.

It also integrates VSN’s transfer acceleration protocol, UMP, which makes reaching rates of up to 96% of the link speed possible, 20 times faster than FTP, even in networks with high latency and packet loss. In addition to this, it adds guarantees file integrity and adds advanced encryption (AES-256), providing total security in the transfers.

Aside from the fully cloud-based solution, it’s worth mentioning VSNEXPLORER’s hybrid configuration, which allows for working on low-res proxies on the cloud and retrieving the necessary high-res files from whichever locations and storages they are in.

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