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Meet the tough demands of multi-team and multi-location productions with VSNExplorer PAM, the definite software system designed to manage, organize and track the production workflows of all types of audiovisual content, along with all the media files involved. Bet on a next-generation PAM system that responds to the growing and changing needs in collaborative and remote production.

Benefits from acquiring

VSNExplorer PAM

Smart sequence & storage management

From the moment that a user registers a sequence in VSNExplorer PAM, the system controls all its related and associated media, which allows for an intelligent management of the production storage and archive. The system only keeps the clips associated with active sequences and projects, allowing to free space by locating those that are not in use for deletion or archive.

Collaborative work for efficient remote production
Various users can access to the same sequence from different places. Likewise, the same sequence can be also edited while the production process moves forward. The flexibility of VSNExplorer PAM and the possibility of installing it in a Cloud environment allow multi-location teams to track all changes in real time, add comments and interact with each other.
Dedicated view for production task’s organization
Its hierarchical distribution of categories and folders in a tree-view or the use of Kanban methodology to control all production stages and tasks, are distinctive elements of VSNExplorer PAM compared to other systems, in order to achieve a better planning and execution of production processes by organizing multiple activities and projects in a more logical and efficient way.
Control of content acquisitions
Advanced integration with NLEs
VSNExplorer PAM integrates with the majority of NLEs available in the market, such as Adobe Premiere, Apple’s Final Cut, Avid Media Composer, Vegas and Edius. It allows users to import and export sequences from any NLE, as well as drag and drop content directly to their editing timeline, making collaborative work more efficient.

Web video editor incorporated
VSNExplorer PAM incorporates the web-based video editor, Wedit. Based in low resolution proxy editing, it allows users to work with footage or clips located in deep archive, near-line, online or cloud storages, without switching to a NLE. It includes features such as cut editing, audio editing, voiceover and basic effects.
Low resolution workflows
VSNExplorer PAM provides low-resolution preview of newly ingested, stored or archived material with proxy editing capability via its adaptive player or Wedit editor. This is possible both on-premise (local LAN) or remotely. It also allows to export EDLs files for craft video editing to any NLE, and consolidate the high-res files in the background.

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VSNExplorer PAM

Discover the advanced functionalities of the system

Integration with AI engines

The recent advent of AI into production workflows has provided new options that enhance production workflows. The primary features being the ability to recognize, objects, scenes, locations, faces, images, sounds and even emotions. AI can automatically log all these elements in a video and present these to PAM users as searchable data attached to the media clip. Another effective use of AI is the ability to auto- create sequences based on a specific set of criteria, such as in the automatic creation of sports highlights packages where AI assembles the best shots and delivers these back to the production team for final edition.

Web video editor, Wedit

100% developed in HTML5, Wedit allows fast video editing in low resolution and background render and conform for later broadcast or delivery in high resolution. Basic editing and delivery of content can be achieved from the VSNExplorer interface, without necessarily having to change to a non- linear editor (NLE). In addition, Wedit also allows users to edit audio and even record voiceover directly in the editing timeline with frame accuracy while displaying the video proxy sequence timeline. Where effects or fine editing of the Wedit sequence is required, the user will also have the ability to download the Edit Decision List (EDL) file to a NLE (including the voiceover and audio tracks pre-recorded in Wedit).

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