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VSNExplorer BPM is a system for managing the processes of media companies that allows task automation and orchestration. Its advanced features enable the creation, customization, automation and organization of each activity of the company, improving its efficiency and competitiveness.

Benefits of workflow orchestration with

VSNExplorer BPM

100% web interface
Multiple users can work at the same time with VSNExplorer BPM using any web browser from any part of the world. Thanks to this global access, the platform is adapted to remote workflows and allows the simultaneous collaboration of the entire work team.
Process optimization
It orchestrates and automates all the processes of a company, avoiding manual errors and reducing operating costs, optimizing operations and drastically improving the time required to register new services and meet the established objectives.
Maximum customization
Thanks to the BP editor, the user can customize them at any time, introducing changes in the processing and automation of tasks and generating independent and customizable metadata forms for each manual task.
Complete monitoring
The system allows you to assign tasks to users or groups of users and create control panels that monitor business processes in real time to detect inefficiencies, immediately detecting bottlenecks in the operation and helping to minimize them.
Scalability & integration

The system integrates with third-party hardware and software owned by the company so that it can be controlled and included in any automation needed in the BP. This open architecture also allows the system to be scalable and expandable as business needs to evolve.

Data analysis

Thanks to its integration with the VSNExplorer BI for Business Intelligence module, BPM users will have at their fingertips all kinds of data and analytical information about their company's BPs, which they can export in their favorite format.

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VSNExplorer BPM

Discover the advanced functionalities of the system

BP editor

This tool has an intuitive and very visual GUI to create, modify and customize BPs and workflows quickly and easily, no matter how complex they are. To do this, you only need to select and drag the predefined tasks and actions you want to include from the items menu and interrelate all of them using specific connectors and rule sets. The system also allows you to check that all connectors have been correctly configured and to store entire processes created from scratch or customized so that all the tasks that had been included in them can be copied and reused later.

Advanced metadata management and editing

Users can generate independent and fully customizable metadata forms from VSNExplorer BPM, leveraging the full power of the VSNExplorer platform's metadata engine to parameterize any type of metadata field. These forms can be completed automatically or manually, depending on the tasks and actions required to be carried out in each stage of a BP or process. The system is also capable of automatically reading metadata from third party systems (traffic systems, quality control systems, etc.) by XML or API.

Process management via Kanban

VSNExplorer BPM includes a project and process organization tool as visual and intuitive as the Kanban methodology, which allows users to know at all times what tasks are pending completion and in what phases or stages of the processes there may be inefficiencies or lack of resources to be solved in order not to interrupt their progress. This tool is very simple and intuitive, and it allows to organize all the tasks of a BP by simply dragging and dropping them on the corresponding column.

Advanced user permission management

VSNExplorer BPM's advanced permission management system allows assigning responsible parties for each task and/or process with the aim of monitoring more exhaustively the productivity of the equipment. In addition, it allows structuring the content validation process automatically, according to the function and/or hierarchy of the users that should be involved in the production quality control. In this way, users only have to focus their attention on the creation, revision and validation of content for broadcast or publication when alerted by the system.

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