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VSNExplorer MAM is a state-of-the-art content and media management system. Web, scalable, open and flexible, it is an indispensable solution for any company that works daily with multimedia content and that needs to catalog, search and locate, publish, distribute, preview and archive content whenever they prefer.

Benefits from acquiring

VSNExplorer MAM

Open and scalable architecture

It easily integrates with existing or newly installed third-party systems, becoming the "orchestra conductor" of all workflows and ensuring a seamless transfer of files and information between systems. Its scalability allows the system to grow as the business grows, reducing the risk of quick replacement or obsolescence in the future.

Ingest and transcoding
VSNExplorer MAM organizes and controls all the media and content of a company from the ingest. Users can even change their files' formats by choosing between different transcoding and rendering engines certified by VSN, depending on their needs and the system that they plan to use later during the production, editing, delivery and broadcast.

Advanced metadata structures
Create complex custom metadata structures, ideal for the most demanding needs in media cataloging and management. The hierarchy of areas and classes of metadata with inheritable properties allows for a totally versatile system, boosting collaborative work between several departments or multiple companies.
Segment and layer cataloging
Segment cataloging allows for fast and easy access to relevant parts of a media file. This is specially useful for creating sport event highlights, press conferences, automatic transcriptions, quality check results, etc. Moreover, layer cataloging (strata logging), allows you to assign different thematic metadata layers (technical, documentation, marketing, etc.) to the same asset.
Advanced content searches
For any media and broadcast company, it is essential to locate in a fast and easy way all its media assets. VSNExplorer MAM offers a tool for quick and advanced searching, which allows users to save time and to access any asset whenever is needed. You can also classify your content in different areas and add metadata layers depending on the type of asset.

Thesaurus management
The correct integration and management of a thesaurus is essential for the archivists’ work. Create a list of standard terms for different usages to achieve terminological coherence when cataloging your content. In addition, the system allows for the validation of the proposed terms by the users depending on their permisssions.
Storage and archive management
VSNExplorer MAM integrates with multiple online storages (Dell, Promise, Avid, etc.), the most used HSMs (SGL, Xendata, Front Porch, Active Circle), storage systems in the cloud (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage), video servers and more. It allows for partial file recovery (marking TC in and TC out in the proxy version), retrieving only the high resolution file to the online storage.
Multiplatform distribution
VSNExplorer MAM integrates with the main social networks (such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Dailymotion, etc.) and with online and non-linear platforms (web TV, OTT, VOD, etc.) to offer cross-platform access and media distribution. It is crucial to deliver content directly from the MAM system and get the most out of it on any device and platform where content is being consumed.
Advanced & adaptative video player
The low-resolution player automatically selects the quality that best matches the available network speed and enables precise segment marking and keyframes generation with frame and time accuracy. It is also compatible with any type of multimedia file (such as videos, images, audios) and allows users to preview subtitles as well.
Ready for Cloud and SAAS
The VSNExplorer MAM web interface allows users to install the entire system (MAM in the cloud) or only part of it (hybrid systems) on platforms such as Windows Azure, Amazon Drive or Google Cloud. In addition, it can be also offered under a pay-as-you-go model (SAAS) to provide greater flexibility in the future, allowing to scale the system if the needs of the company change.
Complete user permissions management
Employees of a company have different needs, so the access to the MAM system and all its resources must vary and be managed accordingly. A good system for managing user permissions enables the company to organize all the users and departments involved more efficiently and productively, even hierarchies if needed.

Multiple integrations with third-parties

VSNExplorer MAM's architecture allows for flexible integrations with all types of systems, such as traffic, QC, transcoding, automation, production systems, and many more. It is service-oriented based on SOA connectors and it also has an open API and Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication scheme via SAML protocol.

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VSNExplorer MAM

Discover the advanced functionalities of our MAM system

Automatic metadata cataloging with AI

VSNExplorer MAM has been integrated with many Artificial Intelligence detection engines such as IBM Watson, Google, Microsoft Azure, Etiqmedia, etc. resulting in an improved MAM solution (in the Cloud or on-premise). This integration enables to obtain automatic metadata from media (such as image processing, facial recognition, objects and audio effects detection, sentiment analysis, speech to text, etc.) to help archivists automate their workflows and avoiding repetitive tasks. The VSNExplorer MAM is key for the supervision of the results and for the application of machine learning algorithms.

Integrated web video editor, Wedit

VSNExplorer MAM, our content management system, incorporates its own web video editor, Wedit, to enhance collaborative work and increase efficiency in processes with strong time constraints, such as news production. It allows for quick cut edits, audio editing, voiceover recording directly in the editing timeline and even some basic effects. Edit Decision Lists (EDL) can also be exported for advanced editing in nonlinear editors (NLE).

News production plugin

The VSN NewsConnect plugin is available as an add-on to the VSNExplorer MAM, in order to improve speed and flexibility in news production environments. This plugin allows the MAM to interconnect with all kinds of third-party systems (NRCS, CGs, video servers, studio playout, etc.), making them all easily accessible from a single centralized interface: the one of the NRCS system of the user's choice, where the VSN NewsConnect window is embeds.

Business intelligence module

VSNExplorer MAM includes an additional Business Intelligence module to transform all files and metadata into valuable information that allows creating reports and detailed dashboards. It has several display options (table, graph, speedometer, etc.) and allows assigning user permissions depending on the department they work for, for a better optimization and organization of processes.

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